Review – Nocto the Bat with Battitude

Last week we were sent Nocto to play with and see what we thought.  I thought it would be perfect for Halloween so was interested to see just what he does.  Nocto is a light up bat who interacts with you and has lots of Battitude!  When Nocto arrived last… Read more“Review – Nocto the Bat with Battitude”

Review – Teletubbies Pull and Play Giant Noo-Noo

This year saw the return of the Teletubbies which has once again brought enjoyment to children of all ages.  I remember watching the Teletubbies the first time around and think it’s lovely that I can now watch it with my own children.  It’s great to see them enjoying the new… Read more“Review – Teletubbies Pull and Play Giant Noo-Noo”