DVD Review: Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Volume 1


Dvd Review. Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Volume 1 rrp £5.99 running time approx 82minutes
This dvd is volume one of the new ultimate alien series and contains about 5 episodes which sees viewers rejoing 16 year old Ben Tenison. The series starts following the distruction on the omnitrix which means Ben must find the secrets of the all new omnitrix. The new ominitrix sees Ben being able to transform into stronger more powerful forms than previously.
As soon as the dvd arrived my older two sons could not wait to watch it and sat through the whole dvd in silence. So in my books that make this dvd a hit! This really is a great dvd for all Ben 10 fans and will not dissappoint. My sons had not seen any of the episodes before which again was fantastic and meant they held their attention. My five year old thought the dvd was fantastic and would have sat through it again later that day if I had allowed it.
I think at £5.99 the dvd is good value for money for something that is bound to be watched over and over.

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