A question of teeth!

Why is it that as parents we seem to be ruled by our children’s teeth?  My youngest is still teething and out of the three boys has been by far the worst when it comes to teething.  He’s touchy, clingy, demanding and fussy!  This whole teething palaver is never ending in our house at the moment.  There is 17 months between my older two sons and all I remember about them teething is that they both seemed to go through it at the same time, one endless process.  Like all parents I turned to my mum and friends for guidance to see us through this stage.  I can’t tell you how many products we tried to sooth the boys sore gums, who knew there were so many out there!  Well the older two finally came through the otherside and I felt confident that both myself and my husband had conquered teething….  Que youngest son and what a different story.  Now I know all children are different blah blah, we’re constantly told by health visitors, dr’s and numerous other people but having had a relatively smooth ride with the older two I thought and obviously wrongly that the third time would be a walk in the park. Endless hours have been spent off and on over the last 18 months trying to pacify and often pandering to our youngests every whim, and boy have there been some!  We’re supposed to be older and wiser and have loads of experience so im told…. so why has it been so hard to cope with teething this time round?
We’ve stuck to our tried and tested products we used with the older two and although to a degree they have provided some comfort for extremely short periods of time, they have not seemed to have provided our son with the respite he craves from the pain of teething.  I find both myself and my husband seem to pander more to what he wants than we ever did with his brothers or is that just nature’s way putting rose tinted glassed on my memory of events.  Whatever it is I know I long for some unbroken sleep and some respite from the joys of teething.  I was hoping that the whole teething journey was approaching an end, our youngest is cutting the last of his molars.   So we’re waiting with baited breath for it to make an appearance so we can all relax.   But no, now we have a different issue with teeth!  Two nights ago our eldest who’s almost 7 years old, lost his first tooth.  How exciting, I hear you say.  Yes but now this brings a whole set of other problems.  Firstly the question of the tooth fairy visiting and removing said tooth and leaving in its place money!  How much does the toothfairy leave, bearing in mind these hard economic times.  I thought the toothfairy who visited our son was very generous at leaving £1.  But having chatted with other mums the last two days, it appears the going rate is approx £3 a tooth!  Which leds to the next problem ensuring my son does not find this fact out and see it as a great money making scheme!,  He has two other wobbly teeth and im spending what seems like every five minutes telling him to leave them alone and that’ll they’ll come out when ready.   Im just hoping that our middle son does not start lossing teeth anytime soon or it’s going to be expensive!  So for now it looks like we’re stuck in the cycle that is teething and it does’nt look like its going to end anytime soon!

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