Babble Bib

I was recently sent a Babble Bib to review with Rowan.  When the babble bib arrived it was a lovely white with black strips.  I was impressed at how soft it felt and Rowan immediately wanted to know what it was.  I explained to him it was to help keep his clothes dry when he was dribbling.  Rowan’s currently cutting his molar’s and although he is not dribbling constantly, he does more so when he’s concentrating, eating or trying to talk.  It can be a bit of a battle ground getting Rowan to wear a bib at times and in some respect he is abit old to wear them.  So the Babble bib seemed the perfect solution as it does not look like a traditional bib and is available in a range of funky patterns.  Which makes them appealing to both child and parent.  As Rowan was initially a bit unsure about wearing the bib I decided to put it on his reindeer to show him.  I think the reindeer looked quite sweet in the babble bib.  Rowan thought it was funny but suddenly wanted to put the babble bib on himself and that was it.  After that he happily put on the bib even when not eating.   
We’ve used the babble bib for a fortnight now and I have to say it has 
been a god send, keeping Rowan’s chest dry.  As he has had a few colds lately the last thing I wanted was his clothes wet all the time.  
He’s even worn his babble bib when dressing up as cowboys and Indians with his brothers.  
I have been impressed at how well the babble bib has washed so well, no stains even after lasagna. I think the babble bib is becoming a firm favourite here.  I also like the fact that the babble bib is suitable from 3 months to 3 years of age and they also have a larger size that is suitable from 3 years to about 10 year of age.  
The babble bib costs £3.99 each but if you buy ten or more they cost £2.80 each. They are also made in the UK.  If you would like further information or would like to buy a babble bib please visit                                                                                                    

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