Baby Nose-clear Room Vapour

We’ve just spent the last four weeks off and on between the three boys full of cold.  So when I was asked if I would like to review 4 little 1’s Baby-nose clear room vapour I jumped at the chance.  We’ve used vapour rubs and capsules before with the boys but they have never really provided enough relief to enable a full nights sleep.  So I thought the room vapour was worth a go. 
First night we used the room-vapour I decided to put a few drops on Rowan’s damp towel over the radiator.  Rowan was interested to see what I had put on his towel so after showing him the bottle and telling him it was to help him sleep, he cuddled down for his story.  Rowan seemed to fall asleep easily which in itself was a miracle.  I took the opportunity to get some rest myself thinking he would be waking up again soon.  In fact six hours later Rowan woke up and seemed to be happier in himself.  Fantastic but I was unsure if this would be a one off.  Trystan came home from school with a slight cold that afternoon so we decided to put the room vapour his room that night as well as Rowan’s.  Again I put a few drops on damp towels over the boys radiator’s, both fell asleep quickly.  Rowan did wake after about 4 hours but this was still better than he would normally do when full of cold.  Trystan seemed to just have a sniffle when he woke up, I think using the Room-Vapour early on it stopped things developing.  I actually quite liked the fragrance given off from the room vapour, I found it quite relaxing.
We have used the Room-Vapour drops a few times now, as well as putting on a damp towel over a radiator we have put a few drops in a bowl of warm water on a radiator.  We were quite impressed to how much relief the Room-Vapour gave to the boys and will continue to use them.  

The Baby-nose Clear Room Vapour retails at £7.14 which may seem expensive but they last a long time as you only need a few drops each time.  It is suitable for use with babies/children from birth.  The Baby-nose Clear Room Vapour is made from a blend of 100% pure essential oils which have natural decongestant, antibacterial and calming properties.      
According to the directions on the packaging the room vapour can be used by:  
a)using a small bowl of water on a wide topped radiator
b)place a few drops on a damp cloth on a radiator.
c) add to a humidifier – follow manufacturer’s instructions.  For more information please visit


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