I long for a Lazy Sunday

After a hectic week I long for Sunday, were I can relax, curl up in my pj’s and potter around the houseThis last week seems to have been more hectic than usual what with the boys having school trips or not as in the case of one, finishing early for the last day of school, rushing to get party invites distributed, as well as the usual running around.  Add to this the sleep deprivation the whole house has been suffering this week thanks to a mixture of excitement as school holidays were approaching and just not being able to sleep due to the heat and light nights.  So you would think that everyone would be looking forward to a lay in and a relaxing day with the family.
But not here, oh no for some reason unknown to man the boys have decided the last two days that it is acceptable to be up at the break of daylight and to ensure that the rest of the house is up too.  Why they call it a lay in I don’t know because as those who have children under the age of 10 years old will know that lay In’s are a thing of the past, something we can almost remember the concept of but have lost the ability to achieve.  
This morning the boys did however manage to sleep until 8am but for some reason I found myself wide awake at 7am and listening to hear if the boys were stirring.  After 15 minutes of trying to go back to sleep and failing miserably I decided to read.  I don’t often get the chance to read so I grab the opportunity to do so whenever I can.  Then I started writing mental lists of things I had to do, activities for the week ahead and idea’s for blog posts.  Thinking about it I really must write them down!  After almost an hour I heard the first child stir and don’t ask me how but there seemed to be simultaneous waking of all three boys within seconds and I really do mean seconds.  The older two scrambled for the bathroom and all I could hear was Trystan telling his older brother to “hurry up, I need a wee! you don’t do it like that”! I held my breath, what did he mean “you don’t do it like that”?  I dread to think, I quickly cuddled back under the duvet and hoped they wouldn’t notice I was awake! I know, I know, how could I! but believe me I bet I’m not the only one who’s done this.

The older two crept into our bedroom, Trystan immediately starting to ask questions.  He has this habit of walking into a room or following you when your on the phone and demanding the answers to all sorts of completely irrelevant questions which usually have a knack of throwing you of what ever your doing.  I don’t think he actually realises we’re not awake when he comes into the bedroom in the mornings, he just assumes we’re up as he is!  I sat up and asked him if he could talk a little quieter and explained that I would really like a lazy day today.  He considered this for a moment before proceeding to ask “why?”  I pondered my response for a minute before replying “we’ve all had a busy week and it would be nice to have a quiet day”, this was met by “oh, but you’ve got to do the washing and cleaning mummy!”  No I ask you what could I say to this?  Deep breath and then I replied “yes mummy’s got to do the washing and cleaning today but I would like to relax as well” This seemed to satisfy him and he ran back out of the bedroom.  

Ten minutes later the sounds of the boys arguing over toys echoed around the house, the “it’s mine, give it back!” and “he hit me” coupled with “it’s not fair”!  why can’t they play nicely together then Rowan decides to join in and queue the screaming because his brother’s now have a toy that he wants but they are playing with it!  The only way to stop this now before it gets out of hand is for TV.  Now we try to have the TV off as much as possible here but there are times when it provides a welcome respite to the arguing, that is of course if the older two can agree on what they want to watch!  So my reading time is well and truly over for now.  

An hour or two later and the boys are dressed, fed and as its raining taking it in turns playing on the wii.  Perfect opportunity for a sit down and a cuppa.  Well I did have the cuppa but decided to try out our new steam cleaner!  My bathroom looks all shiny and new now.  Dad of 3 then reminded me that I had wanted a lazy day and I should really come and sit down and relax.  I’m afraid I’m one of those people that really can’t sit down for too long when I know there are things that need doing and there are things that can be done so much faster if the boys aren’t under my feet.  So bathroom cleaned, house hoovered, several loads of washing done and then I finally sit down!  But to me this is a lazy day, the boys don’t have to be anywhere, I don’t have to rush around like a headless mad thing and we can please ourselves. 

For the last half hour I have been watching the boys jump about playing games on the wii and looking through video’s on you tube.  I stumbled upon this….for all those longing for a lazy day


2 thoughts on “I long for a Lazy Sunday

  1. rach_t says:

    I feel like i could have written that myself! Know exactly what you mean, i have 2 step kids, 1 11 month old son and no sleep or rest.I long for a lazy lovely sunday… oh well perhaps in about 18 years!!
    Rachel (fellow welshy)

  2. welshmumof3 says:

    well I guess at least we can look forward to that time 🙂

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