My Carry Potty and George and Hollie and the Magic Carry Potties Book

Two weeks ago we were kindly sent a ‘My Carry Potty’ and a copy of their new book ‘George and Hollie and the Magic Carry Potties’.  We’ve been thinking about starting to potty train Rowan as he has been showing some of the signs, so this was great timing.
As soon as the package arrived with the ‘My Carry Potty’ and book Rowan was keen to get into it as fast as possible and squeeled with delight when I showed it to him and explained it was a Potty for him to do wee’s and poo’s on!  We actually have a potty that belonged to the older boys but Rowan has not really been too keen on it to be honest so to see him so excited at the ‘My Carry Potty’ was fantastic.  Rowan loved the fact he could carry it around with him and spent the rest of the afternoon carrying it around the house, it even came on the school run with us!
Dad of 3 Boys and I  were really suprised when that evening Rowan pulled his own nappy off, handed his dad the potty and gestured for it to be opened and then sat on it and actually did a wee, yes a wee! We could’nt belive it , the first time he sit’s on it he actually wee’d.  We made a big fuss of him and told him what a clever boys he was.
The following day although Rowan carried the potty around with him and did take his nappy off himself we had several accidents and nothing on the potty.  So was the previous evening a one off?  We’ve continued not to push Rowan into using the potty but kept it accessible to him and let him carry it around with him and when he’s indicated he want’s his nappy off etc we’ve sat him on the ‘My Carry Potty’.  We’ve had some days when he’s managed to wee a few times on the potty and some says with my accidents or Rowan refusing to sit on the potty all together.
Recently ‘My Carry Potty’ have introduced a lovely book to help introduce children to potty training, ‘George and Hollie and the Magic Carry Potties’.  It’s written by Amanda Jenner the designer of ‘My Carry Potty’ and mum to three children.  The book is full of lovely illustrations and follows George and Hollie as they start potty training.  The book also includes a colourful pull out potty training chart and stickers to use on the chart.  On the back page of the book there are also some handy potty training tips.  We’ve read the book to Rowan on several occassions and he will go and get his ‘My Carry Potty’ and sit it next to him while listening to the story.  We have’nt used the potty training chart yet but have show it to Rowan several time’s.  We plan to start using it over the next few weeks when we start potty training properly.

We’ve been very impressed with ‘My Carry Potty’, It’s handle and clip shut lid means that you can take it everywhere with you and it will not leak and odour-proof.  It;s made from durable plastic and is very high quality.   So it mean’s you don’t have to worry about cleaning the potty out until your home or having to look for the nearest toilet when out and about, making potty training less stressful for everyone.
I am also following ‘My Carry Potty’ on their facebook page where you can find helpful potty training tips and join in discussions on potty training, there always on hand to offer support.
‘My Carry Potty’ retails at £24.99 which I think is really good value for a product that takes some of the stress out of potty training.  ‘My Carry Potty’ is available in Blue, Pink and Yellow and George and Hollie and the Magic Carry Potty retails at £6.99
‘My Carry Potty’ is available to buy from Cheeky Rascals at

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