Moshi Monster Clay Buddies

The older two boys over the last few months have become Moshi Monster fans and have certainly become very caught up with everything Moshi!  So when we were sent two packs of Moshi Monster Clay Buddies they were so excited and could not wait to make their own Moshi Monster’s. 

Each pack contains:

  • 3 coloured pieces of clay
  • 2 Moshi features cards
  • some Velcro for attaching Moshi features to your model
  • 1 adoption book with information about your Moshi and instructions on how to make your very own Moshi Monster and an adoption certificate

This morning after breakfast we settled down to make the Moshi Monsters.  Both Luc and Trystan spent a while reading through the adoption book and asking questions about the Moshi Monster they had to make from their pack.  

Both boys set about following the instructions for making their Moshi Monsters but both needed a little help to divide the clay up into the right portions and then to make sure the pieces were attached firmly.  But they were able to add the Moshi’s features themselves.  

Both boys spent about half an hour making their Moshi Monsters and making sure they were just right.   They have then put them up high in their bedrooms so little fingers can not break them.  Then they immediately asked when I would buy them another pack to make!  So I think the Moshi Monster Clay buddies have been a big hit with the boys.  

To add another element to making your Moshi Monster, there is a website where you can upload pictures of your clay buddies for everyone to see.  
Moshi Monster Clay Buddies are available to buy now from Toys R Us, The Entertainer and Hobbycraft to name but a few.  The packs retail at £2.99 each but there is also a special Moshi Monster Clay Buddies Box Set available at £5.99 which contains 4 Moshi feature’s cards, 6 clay colours along with the adoption book and cardboard scene.
I personally like the fact that the Moshi Monster Clay Buddies as well as being collectible (48 characters to collect) involves children being creative and hands on.  These are bound to be a hit with all Moshi Monster fans and at £2.99 a pack will not only make a great pocket money toy but also a great stocking filler for Christmas. 

2 thoughts on “Moshi Monster Clay Buddies

  1. In our search for Moshtastic goodies we have come across your post and found that Clay Buddies project with your boys is worthy of our Moshi Finds page, which we have included on !

  2. welshmumof3 says:

    Aw thank you, the boys love Moshi Monsters and had great fun making their own 🙂

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