Mookie – The Whirlee Ride On for Preschool children

Ride on toys are always a hit with children but finding one that is inexpensive and aimed at children from 12 month to 4 years old is a difficult task.  However Mookie have recently solved that problem with their Whirlee Ride on.  

We were sent a Red Whirlee for Rowan by Mookie.  When it arrived I was very pleased to see that it was not in excessive packaging and was already assembled which meant that you could take it out of the box and play with it straight away.  Rowan jumped on it immediately and used it easily.  He did seem a bit surprised though when he realised he could turn 360 degrees on the Whirlee but once he had tried it out a few times he was off whizzing around the whole of the downstairs chasing his brothers!.  

Its really lightweight which means that Rowan can pick it up and carrying it with him and it also means the manoeuvrability of the Whirlee is very smooth and easy.  I like the fact that due to the size of the Whirlee it can be stored at the in a small space and if you have more than one they can be stacked on top of each other, what a great space saving idea.  It also fits nicely in the back of the car for trips out too without having to go in the boot with everything else.  

Rowan has discovered it moves well on most surfaces as well, so far he’s tried carpet, tiles,lino, laminate and tarmac!.  He was been whizzing around on it at every opportunity but has been known to let the children I look after have a go to and they have been equally taken with the Whirlee. 

The Whirlee is currently available from Amazon, Early Learning Centre and Mothercare  The Whirlee retails at £19.99 which is fantastic value for money.  It is reccommended for children aged 12 months plus.  The Whirlee is availabe in Blue, Pink or Red.  

The Whirlee is bound to be a hit with both parents and children, not only because of the cost but also because of its fun factor! 

1 thought on “Mookie – The Whirlee Ride On for Preschool children

  1. Nicola Dawes says:

    I so nearly bought one of these for Emily forchristmas! She got on one in mothercare and we couldn’t get her off it! Decided she had more than enough though so we didn’t in the end.

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