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This post is sponsored by Twinings.
Last years animated advertisement by Twinings ‘sea’ had such an overwhelming response that Twinings have created another instalment entitled ‘The Hill’. The hill will be launched on March 4th2012 and features the vocals of Lissie who is an American Folk-Rock star. Her touching cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Go your own way’ brings a very heart warming touch to the animation.
‘The Hill’ shows a women overcome hurdles(the rocks, fog and hill) which then start to clear and she emerges into the sunshine where she reaches the top of the hill and a place where she can see and think clearly again. The song ‘Go your own way’ fits really well with the theme of the advertisement which also ties in with the ‘Gets you back to you’ campaign integrated Strapline and the message that “busy women should take ten minutes out to get back to themselves”.
The first instalment ‘sea’ saw 1.4 millon hits on You Tube and the track featured ‘wherever you go’ which was covered by Charlene Soraia. Will this follow suit? The campaign has touched such a wide number of people with its emotional and evoking message. Through the campaign women are encouraged to find ten minutes in the day where it is achievable to take time for themselves, including have a cup of tea.
Twinings also have a website which is dedicated to the campaign and you can find suggestions from real women about how you can ‘take 10 minutes’and you can even request a free sample of Twinings Tea.
Why not take a look at the new advert and see what you think 

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