weeks 34 and 35.

The last two weeks have flown by for various reasons which is why I am a bit late posting this entry to my pregnancy diary.  
Unfortunately one of the main reasons is that Rowan and then myself were ill again 🙁  I can’t tell you how frustrating it was but touch wood we’re now both better and fingers crossed Rowan is finally sorted with his asthma.  Two weeks ago Rowan’s asthma started playing up and we were given more Augmentin as a precaution as the doctor wasn’t sure if he had an infection or not.  Rowan wasn’t at all pleased to be at the doctor’s again and didn’t want to be examined but we managed it somehow, no mean feat with a big bump getting in the way I can tell you!  So we spent the day having cuddles on the sofa.  By the next morning though he was wheezing so it was back to the doctor, Rowan must have felt worse as he didn’t complain at all compared to the previous day.  We were given steroids and a nebulizer to treat the wheeze.  The doctor tried  to encourage him to use the inhaler with the spacer in the surgery but he just wouldn’t so it was decided if he responded well to the nebulizer we would look at having one on a permanent basis for him.  
I had really wanted Rowan to be able to have at least a few full weeks at meithrin in  the afternoons before the baby arrived, mainly so he would not feel pushed out once she arrives.  But it was starting to look unlikely.  Once we had got the prescription filled we headed home to see if I could get him to take the nebulizer.  He’s really into dragon’s at the moment so I decided to tell him the nebulizer was dragon medicine and would help him breath (for those that haven’t seen a nebulizer before, when you have it turned on and the mask on it looks like your breathing smoke out the sides of your nose!)  well it worked and he sat for a whole 15 minutes having a cuddle and watching television while he used the nebulizer.  The result was fantastic, the wheeze vanished.  The downside with the nebulizer is it can make you very sleepy which I’m certainly not complaining about as meant we could have a quiet day.  We managed to be wheeze free for almost four hours before Rowan needed to have the nebulizer again which is fantastic.  By that evening Rowan was really excited to show his daddy his dragon medicine when he got home from work.  He needed the nebulizer once during the night which we had a little struggle with as I think he scared himself waking up wheezing as it must have reminded him of the night we rushed him to hospital.  But between myself and dad of 3 we calmed him down enough to use the nebulizer and within minutes he fell asleep again and slept through the night.  The following day he didn’t need the nebulizer at all thankfully.  I was advised though to keep hold of it just in case.  Thankfully I did as on the Sunday night just after he completed his course of antibiotics he started to cough and wheeze again.
Unfortunately for me having Rowan home ill took its toll on me and I was suffering from lack of sleep not just due to Rowan but I was feeling very uncomfortable and the acid reflux was back with a vengeance.  I was also getting a few other symptoms which made me think I had picked up the infection Rowan had.  So straight after the school run on Monday morning last week I rang the doctor’s surgery and made an appointment for us both to be seen. By mid morning we both had antibiotics, although the doctor was not sure if I had a chest infection or UTI.  She also agreed that as Rowan had responded so well to the nebulizer the best course of action was to have one at home for him, so I was told to hang on to the health centre’s one until one for Rowan could be organised.    She also agreed that Rowan would be fine to go back to meithrin that afternoon as was not contagious and seemed fine in himself.  She also pointed out it would enable me to have a rest.  So that afternoon Rowan went off to meithrin and I managed to doze on the sofa for an hour and a half.  It was so nice to have some quiet time for a few hours. Rowan loved being back with his little friends but by the end of the session was very tired and would fall asleep in the car on the way home!  I think he needed the antibiotics to clear the last of the infection.  
braxton hicks with back ache but they never increased in intensity and would stop if I rested.  I think we were all worried that they would want to admit me even  earlier than planned.  The registrar assured me that they would change my antibiotics if needed and as long as my waters did not break or the pains become more like contractions I would be fine for the planned c-section on the 15th March.  She did say that it was not ideal to go in for a section with an infection so fingers crossed I would be free from infection by that stage.  She arranged for me to be seen on the labour ward two days before my c-section to have a steroid injection as a precaution for baby’s lungs.  I would also have to have a second steroid injection when I had my pre-op on the day unit the day prior to my c-section, again as a precaution.  She also requested the anaesthetist came to see me at the pre-op as I have had several chest infections through out the pregnancy.  I was told to ring in on Friday for the results of the sample.  
We were all relieved I wasn’t being admitted early and agreed I would rest as much as possible and hope the antibiotics I had were the right ones and I would feel better soon.  On the Friday I rang the antenatal unit for the results but the computer system was down so I had to wait a few hours until I had the results.  Thankfully they came back clear and I was told to see my community midwife as planned the following week but to ring labour ward if contractions started etc.  Just knowing that my sample was clear made me feel better plus I seemed to have responded well to the antibiotics I had been given at the start of the week.  Rowan was also a lot better by the weekend which was great.  
So this weekend I decided I had better start getting organised.  Dad of 3 got the pram, car seat and moses basket out of the attic and I stripped them and washed them all ready.  I spent two hours ironing all the washing yesterday and then a further two hours baking cakes and welsh cakes with the boys!  However as usual they managed to eat a fair few once cooked.  When I make welsh cakes I always do some for my parents as well.  We were also looking after my parents cats and chickens as they had gone to visit my brother, his partner and their new baby along with my brother and sister who were also attending a wedding near by.  I was so jealous knowing that they were all there enjoying cuddles with my new nephew while I was here at home.  Although fingers crossed they will be coming home in the next month or two and I can have cuddles with my nephew then and they can have cuddles with my baby too!

2 thoughts on “weeks 34 and 35.

  1. Sarahmumof3 says:

    my eldest suffers with Asthma its awful when it flares up and they get wheezy I’m glad everyone is on the mend now and hopefully you can enjoy the last few weeks of your pregnancy 🙂 x

  2. Wow sounds like your parents have got a busy time with grandchildren.
    Shame you’re having such a hard time at the moment, when you should be putting your feet up and getting pampered by your boys (and I’m including husband in that).
    Hope you do get the chance to relax until the impending arrival. Can’t wait to read how you become Mumofthreeboys-andagirl

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