Win Green Toy Shop Floor Quilt Review and Giveaway

Recently while looking for ideas for the boys I came across a company called Win Green. I immediately fell in love with their beautiful playhouses and accessories.  They have some gorgeous items from Playhouses to hanging tents and bedding.  If you are looking for a special present or just an item that will last it is well worth popping over to have a look at their enchanting range.  
The attention to detail is fantastic and the hand embroidery is exquisite. Just from looking at each item you can tell the high quality of the items and that they are made to last. Win Green’s range of playhouses are bound to captivate you and bring hours of play opportunities throughout the years. Each themed playhouse is enhanced further with the addition of toy bags, floor quilts, bean bags and duvets enabling you to continue the theme throughout a room. The current range features timeless classic themes such as Fairy Cottage, Boat House and Toy Shop.
I was very kindly sent a small floor quilt from the Toy Shop range to review. Win Green’s floor quilts are available in two sizes, small which is 110cm x74 cm and large which measures134cms x 110cms. Each co-ordaining floor mat can be used as a base to the play houses but can also make fantastic playmats or rugs. 
When the floor quilt arrived I was so really taken with the design and the how lovely and padded it felt.  The Toy Shop design is one that is unisex so will appeal to both boys and girls.  Trystan was very taken with it when he got home from school and saw it on the floor with some of Erin’s toys on it, he immediately went to sit down next to his sister and started showing her toys.  I love the bright colours used on the floor quilt too and also the fact that Win Green’s playhouses and accessories are made from 100% cotton and are hand embroidered.  The floor quilt folds up quite small which is great for storing in small spaces or popping in a bag to take on a day out or an overnight stay.  I took the floor quilt with us when I recently went away for a few days with the children and it was a godsend as our accommodation had laminate flooring.  So having the floor quilt with us meant Erin had somewhere safe and soft where she could lay down and stretch out.  Her brothers have also made use of the floor quilt to lay or sit on while reading or when playing with Erin.  It has provided Erin with somewhere she can happy roll about on without bumping her head but also has not taken over the room.  Its neutral design works well in our living room and brings a splash of colour. 
The older boys have asked if they can have the playhouse to match and have also been taken with the hanging tents they have seen in Win Green’s brochure.   I think I can safely say this gorgeous floor quilt is one of those items that will evolve and grow with your child.  I can see all four children making good use of it, be it sitting on and reading, as a rug in their rooms, imaginative play in dens or somewhere to just sit and have quiet time.   At has certainly become very much a favourite item in our house after a very short time.   I have had to wash the floor quilt once and was pleased at how well it did wash and it dried fairly quickly on the washing line.
The small floor quilts retail at £55 and the large ones at £60 which given the high quality of the item and the attention to detail I actually think is very good value for money especially if you have several children or are planning to have more as it is something that will never go out of fashion and can be passed from one child to another.  

Win Green has very generously given me another of their gorgeous Small Toy Shop floor quilts to give away to one lucky person.  To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A huge congratulations to Claire who won this gorgeous floor quilt.  I have sent an email Claire.  A big thankyou to all who entered. 

64 thoughts on “Win Green Toy Shop Floor Quilt Review and Giveaway

  1. mummy24 says:

    both my kids would use it x

  2. maxineflossy says:

    I’m about to become an auntie! I’d love this to give to my new nephew … it’s so pretty!

  3. Mike Pearson says:

    The baby would use it 🙂

  4. I’d put it in the play house for my kids to use.

  5. I’d probably use it! 😀

  6. maci234 says:

    all the kids would use

  7. Carolina says:

    My beautiful baby daughter would look lovely on it!

  8. laura banks says:

    my son would love it

  9. laura banks says:

    my son would love it

  10. Maya Russell says:

    My friend’s baby son would use it.

  11. clairew137 says:

    My son would use it.

  12. My children would use it x

  13. Crystal Carrington says:

    I would say my youngest daughter and our baby on the way, but I know our 3 year old daughter Lillie-Mae would love it too because she’s got a love for elephants and I quickly spotted the elephant on the quilt.

  14. visioneer says:

    My lovely first grandaughter, Summer

  15. relisys222 says:

    I would give it to my son – who would sleep with it xx

  16. Anonymous says:

    My youngest, my eldest, me and my friends kids when they come to play it looks gorgeous fab competition – thank you! Nicola Clare xx

  17. Anonymous says:

    My daughter, she loves to have picnics on the floor and play teasets.

  18. lilviki says:

    My neice and nephew would love it 🙂

  19. Sue McCarthy says:

    It will be donated to charity, to go to Romania.

  20. I would give to to my mum for when my toddler and sisters two babies visit. Just what she needs to for the babies to chill on.
    Thanks @clairelouise82

  21. jacquelinec says:

    I would give it to friends expecting their first child soon.

  22. Article Guru says:

    My gorgeous little boy – but my sister is expecting ( 7 months gone ) and it would make a wonderful new baby gift xx

  23. Bex says:

    my little monkey would love it

  24. If we were to win, My little 9month old little man would use it to play on 🙂

  25. cazzy says:

    i would have it in the playroom for the girls to read books on

  26. cazzy says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Margaret Scott says:

    My grandson and possibly in a year or two his baby brother or sister!

  28. Naomi says:

    My youngest sister (2) would love to play on it. She’s a big fan of reading (well flicking through books) so it would be great for that.

  29. Emma Lowe says:

    my 2 daughters would use it and no doubt me and dad too, when we play all together on the floor

  30. VeeJay78 says:

    My first baby due in 4 weeks would use it if I was lucky enough to win 🙂

  31. emma howard says:

    I would use this in my baby’s nursery if I was lucky enough to win

  32. Rhoda says:

    Any babies that come to our house. We have wooden floors and it would be great for my friends to be able to put their babies on the quilt so they know they are safe.

  33. Anonymous says:

    all the small kids when they come to stay

  34. Tigger and my nephew Haribo


  35. My daughter Nieve 🙂

  36. LouLou says:

    my baby is due 6/11/12 i’m having a boy he will use it 🙂

  37. LouLou says:

    my baby due on 6/11/12 will use it

  38. This would be loved by both my girls, especially our latest arrival who is just 3 weeks old. This would be perfect for garden time now the sun is finally here! x

  39. sista-t says:

    My daughter x

  40. Christina says:

    My latest grandchild

  41. ChelseaMamma says:

    IO would use this for my children and mindees

  42. Unknown says:

    my daughter and hopefully any other little ones we may have. x

  43. krnries says:

    My daughter would use it

  44. rachael jones mann says:

    my little man would use it , he loves to have his own sace when playing like a little island hehe !

  45. Lollzz says:

    I think my two would be fighting over this but I would encourage it more for my little girl

  46. Anonymous says:

    My little daughter would use it

  47. cachexia says:

    Its too good to be played with I would put it in the wall!

  48. dragon60 says:

    This would be fab for my grandson’s bedroom

  49. I would give it to my granddaughter

  50. Bubbles17 says:

    My little boy would love this, we have just repaired my oldest son’s play shed for him by replacing the roof and floor and so this would be perfect for his little den. I could almost imagine exciting things happening in his playhouse with this floor quilt, I’m sure it would make it look like Molly and Peter’s playhouse in the book ‘The Wishing Chair.’ Thank you for introducing me to Win Green!

  51. My first response would be Sophia, DD2, 6 months old, but on reflection I’m sure her older sister, 2, would be right in there and love it too! the perfect magic carpet for everyone – including the cats!!

  52. would use it with my niece who is due to make an an appearance in september 🙂


  53. Lorraine says:

    my grandson daniel

  54. minxy81 says:

    my 14 month old son he still cant sit let alone roll so will be good for his physio exercises xx

  55. My god son Dean – he’s only 8 months old! ♥ him to bits! xoxo

  56. steve says:

    My little boy would use it

  57. zeenie says:

    my lovely little nephew would use this if i won

  58. Hannah says:

    I would use it for my 4 month old as he just started to want to go down, play and explore!

  59. My daughter Ellissia would use it x

  60. elff73 says:

    My best friend is about to have her first baby so i would love to give this to her. x x x x

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