Pintoy Fire Engine for John Crane Ltd Giveaway

John Crane Ltd have very kindly given me one of their fantastic Pintoy Fire Engines to give away to one lucky follower.  This lovely fire engine will provide hours of enjoyment and play for any child.  You don’t need to have a fire station to enjoy the fire engine, it has lots to keep your little one busy, they will be rushing to the rescue before you know it! 

Like all John Crane Ltd toys this wooden Fire Engine is made to extremely high standards, it is built to withstand years of play.  

Taken from John Crane Ltd website)       
In the box you will find
1 Fire Engine
2 Ladders
1 Fire Hose with Nozzle
2 connecting hoses 
To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic Fire Engine all you have to do is:

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    120 thoughts on “Pintoy Fire Engine for John Crane Ltd Giveaway

    1. My friends wee boy! Cutie!

    2. my son Ben is a HUGE fireman fan. He is getting his room redecorated this year with fire engines everywhere!

    3. hoopie says:

      my two little boys would love this 🙂


    4. Angie McDonald says:

      I’d give it to my little nephew.. he’s obsesswith Fireman Sam and keeps telling everyone that he’s going to be a fireman when he grows up

    5. Leonie Gray says:

      my little boy Hashem, he has inherited so many of his sister’s toys, it would be lovely for him to have a boys toy

    6. Joy says:

      Hello xx
      I would give it to my Rosie (18 months old) for Christmas.

    7. sarahlouisa says:

      I would give it to my cousin (3 years old in 2 weeks!) He’d love it 🙂


    8. mummy24 says:

      i would give it to my little boy x

    9. Homebird says:

      I’d give the fire engine to my son who is 2.5 for Christmas. It’s very nice xx

    10. mandy waller says:

      I would give it to my son as he loves fire engines 🙂

    11. Esther James says:

      My little girl Iola, she would love it

    12. Definatly Ethan, they have one of these at stay and play and he loves it!

    13. anna says:

      my 3 boys they all love fire engines and anything with wheels

    14. Valerie says:

      To my friend’s grandson as he loves Fire Engines!

    15. My little boy would love playing with this 🙂

    16. John Taggart says:

      My Grandsons woulds love this

    17. Sue McCarthy says:

      Donate to charity to go to Romania

    18. maci234 says:

      my nephew he loves fire engines

    19. Gemma Turner says:

      My 2 year old little boy… he’s obsessed with fire engines!! He makes us put fire engines on Youtube all the time- bless him 🙂

    20. Chris says:

      … my grandson

    21. Mrs TMG says:

      My two little boys would love this brilliant fire engine :-)!

    22. bridgegal says:

      I would give this to my daughter Rachel

    23. Anonymous says:

      My daughter would love this!

    24. My nephew Olly who is totally into Fire Engines!

    25. I would give it as a Christmas present to our Nephew

    26. visioneer says:

      evening, hope you had great weekend, no contest Jacob, great gran son, thanks

    27. foxglove38 says:

      my son loves fire engines like fireman sam

    28. becky004 says:

      My nephew as he loves fire engines

    29. Anonymous says:

      My great-nice, she loves most toys, whether they are “girlie” ones or “boy” ones. Wishing everyone the best of luck xxx

    30. Chloe Harrison says:

      My little boy Oliver, he would enjoy racing up and down the living room going nee naarrr nee narr 🙂

    31. jo says:

      My 2 girls they would love it they have a car collection that would rival any boys collection!!!

    32. I would give it to my son who wants to be a fireman when he’s older x

    33. elff73 says:

      i would give it to my little nephew x x x

    34. sarah says:

      i would give it to my son

    35. Susan 162 says:

      I would give it to my Grandson

    36. emily80 says:

      I’d give it to my son, he would love this

    37. i would give this to my son harry as he is besotted by fire engines

    38. Claire says:

      I would give this to my son Sydney 🙂

    39. Alison john says:

      My godchild or my nephew

    40. Cat Thomas says:

      My nephew Jack he would absolutely love this 🙂

    41. Sarah Walford says:

      I would give it to my son Ethan for Christmas, He would love it 🙂

    42. loumathema says:

      I would give it to my son for Xmas!

    43. SusanKMann says:

      We have the wooden fire station but not the engine my little one would love this. x

    44. My son Jude is a big fireman fan so he would love this engine!

    45. Sarah Spencer says:

      My son Adam

    46. nidgysmum says:

      My little girl 🙂

    47. Anonymous says:

      my nephew


    48. lucy120606 says:

      I would give this to my little boy he LOVES fire engines!

    49. I’d give it to my nephew for Christmas.

    50. I would give it to my god son Dean for when he is a little bigger xoxo

    51. Have liked on the right dont know if thats the right like though! xoxo

    52. Diane says:

      My daughter would give it to her boyfriend’s two nephews

    53. My gorgeous Godson (as long as my daughter didn’t spot it first) would love to treat him! x

    54. babz229 says:

      I’d give it to my son

    55. Lollzz says:

      Ben and Chloe would be sharing this one! (Tho I think Ben would probably play with it more at the moment as Chlo is only 14 mo)

    56. pinkcherry says:

      my little girl xx

    57. Anonymous says:

      It would have to be my son!

    58. Josie says:

      I would give it to my son! 🙂

    59. I would donate to an online auction to raise money for RNIB.

    60. Kieran says:

      I’d give it to my nephew

    61. Zoe Coen says:

      I would give it to my little boy for Christmas

    62. My gorgeous little boy!!! :0)

    63. My little boy would LOVE this 🙂

    64. Caroline Parr says:

      My daughter would love this 🙂

    65. This comment has been removed by the author.

    66. I would give this to my daughters

    67. +1 on google as Sam R

    68. love to keep it myself 🙂 but would give to my girlfriends sister who is having a little boy in december 🙂

    69. My little girl who is 2 in December – she loves playing with vehicles so would make a great birthday present!

    70. Sarah H says:

      I would love to give it to my ‘step’ grandson who is 2 tomorrow 🙂 x

    71. Anonymous says:

      I would give it to my little boy. He doesn’t get new toys that often and would love this 🙁

    72. Donna Lawton says:

      My little girl. She is such a tom boy. Has a keen liking for all things to do with fireman like her mummy! 😉 x

    73. rachael jones mann says:

      my handsome little man 🙂

    74. krnries says:

      My younger daughter would love this, so I’d give it to her

    75. My nephew is crazy about fire engines at the moment, so this would be perfect.

    76. Lorraine says:

      my grandson would love this as he is mad about fireman sam and fire engines

    77. sheridarby says:

      Oh can’t I have it?

    78. My baby boy, he loves anything boyish lol

    79. Laura Finch says:

      My 4 year old son xx

    80. i would give it to my son x:)X

    81. Anonymous says:

      Grandson, Alex

    82. Catherine McAlinden says:

      My little boy, George

    83. Sarah Bull says:

      My 3 yr old son- he loves anything with wheels!

    84. Lorraine Granville says:

      My son his face would light up when he sees this.

    85. jessica cook says:

      my little boy for xmas x

    86. Got to be for the Granddaughter Grace, spoilt Monkey

    87. nocona says:

      My nephew! He would love this!!!

    88. Kayleigh says:

      My 2 year old son, he is really into ‘nee naws’ at the minute

    89. Lucy carter says:

      I would give it to my son for his birthday in November

    90. it would be for my grandson, Connor

    91. I would give it to my goddaughter’s brother for Christmas. I always have lots of ideas for my goddaughter but I can never think of the perfect present for Tom! But I know he’d love this!

    92. amyjohncray says:

      My two sons, Alex and Sebastian!!

    93. nicj08 says:

      my little boy he loves fire engines and cars, he would love it xx

    94. glittery59 says:

      One of my young grandsons.

    95. glittery59 says:

      Pinned on Pinterest.

    96. Bruce says:

      my daughter’s little Godson Ethan

    97. Anonymous says:

      my friends little boy larson

    98. joannes says:

      Id give the fire engine to my nephew he comes round home quite often and we dont have any toys for him to play with i think this one would match up if not be better than any toy i could buy 🙂

    99. olivia280177 says:

      My beautiful son, Flynn.

    100. olivia280177 says:

      I google + post and shared on FB for last entry xx

    101. Stacy Fenemore says:

      My son CJ x

    102. Anonymous says:

      I would give this fire engine to my Grandson for his 3rd birthday.


    103. zeenie says:

      id give it to my son. he loves fire engines!

    104. Anonymous says:

      My 3 Year Old Nephew Luke who is Fireman MAD!!!

      Rebecca Cleary

    105. teresa1963 says:

      my little girl loves fire engines

    106. Kelly Roberts says:

      I would give the Fire engine to my son

    107. kelandab says:

      My nephew – he loves anything with wheels

    108. Elizabeth Williams says:

      I would give the fire engine to my son, he loves any toys with wheels

    109. froggybiby says:

      would give it to my nephew, he’d love it

    110. kieran257 says:

      Would give it to my little nephew, who I know would play with it for hours

    111. It would be for Harry who is like a nephew to me as me & his dad was raised together from babies.

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