Halloween Pumpkins 2012

Tonight when Dad of 3 came home he had a task to complete.  For the last couple of years the boys have asked to have pumpkins for Halloween and this year was no exception.  Each year the boys spend some time thinking about what they would like on their pumpkins so that Dad of 3 can carve them. So after a bit of delibration the boys agreed on their images.  Dad of 3 closed himself away in the kitchen to start carving the pumpkins while the boys got ready for bed.  About an hour later dad of 3 emerged from the kitchen with the finished pumpkins, ready to light them.  We turned the lights out and lit the candles.  So here we have this years pumpkins…

As everyone is showing off their pumpkin carving skill, The Boy and Me are hosting a linky for everyone to show off their Pumpkins, So why not pop over and have a look at the other fantastic pumpkins at  The Boy and Me

2 thoughts on “Halloween Pumpkins 2012

  1. TheBoyandMe says:

    That Darth Vader is amazing, but I actually love the simple ghost outline!

    Thanks for sharing.

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