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Last year our local chamber of trade decided to try something new at Christmas for the town.  They laid on various activities and late night shopping events.  One of the activities was to bring a ice skating rink to the town for the day.  The older boys were really excited about it, however when the weekend arrived the boys were both ill so we didn’t go.  So when I found out the Ice rink was coming back this year I decided to take the older two boys for a go.  
We’ve spent the last six to eight weeks suffering with one bug or another between as all.  Quite honestly I felt like painting a huge red X on the front door at times! So I didn’t mention the ice rink straight away to them because I didn’t want them to be disappointed if we couldn’t go again.  Yesterday morning arrived and touch wood everyone was feeling a lot better.  After breakfast I asked the older two if they would like to have a go at ice skating as the rink was in town for the day.  Queue two very excited boys running around trying to get ready! Having seen to Erin, I set off with the older two to find the ice rink.  Neither of the boys had skated before and Trystan in particular was so excited.  I went ice skating when I was about 16 years old last so a long time ago! but I was able to explain a little bit.  But also the fact that the rink was a plastic one that was made to replicate ice. 
When we got to the ice rink we watched others for a few minutes so the boys could see what they had to do and then went to pay and get skates.  I decided that I would watch the boys.  Once paid the reasonable £4 each we went over to a hut to be kitted out with skates.  The boys had a choice of traditional ice skates or ones that had a double blade and were fitted over their shoes.  I explained it was their first time skating and was told the double bladed skates would be a good idea.  Two members of staff helped the boys into the skates and before I knew it they were off on the rink.  There were quite a few children on the rink and the boys happily joined in.  There were so penguin shaped supports that younger children could hold onto and push along the ice if they weren’t confident.  After about five minutes both boys started to feel at home, in fact I had to remind them that they were skating not walking a few times.  

There was even a foam machine that staff turned on to make it look like snow which all the children enjoyed.   After about 40 minutes I decided it was time to get off as they had been on for a while and I wasn’t sure if there was a time limit.  But as more people were arriving it really was time to let others have a go.  Reluctantly the boys came off and took their skates off to return them.  We thanked the staff and the organisers and the boys told them they had really enjoyed themselves.  I remarked that they would have stayed on longer and was told they could have stayed on as long as they wanted as they were not giving a time limit unless it got really busy.  I thanked them and said that was very generous of them but the boys had enjoyed themselves.  On the way back to the car the boys were already asking if they could go next year if the ice rink was back.  

It was so nice to see the older boys experience something new and have fun.  As well as seeing so many other children and their families enjoy the ice rink.  We were very lucky with the weather as well and it stayed dry the whole time we were out.  Fingers crossed the ice rink will be back again next year and the boys can go again.  They are now very keen to have a go at skating on a proper ice rink!

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2 thoughts on “Ice skating fun

  1. Coombe Mill says:

    My children love ice skating, there is a wnter Ice rink tent at the Eden project which I’m sure we will visit over the Christmas holidays. Looks like yours will be up for the challenge again! Thank you for linking up to Country Kids

  2. Kerry Louise says:

    Looks like fun I can’t wait until my daughters older and I can take her.
    I’m a new follower 🙂

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