Guest Post – Family Benefits of Roller Skating

After what’s felt like a year-long winter, the sun is finally creeping out of wherever-it’s-been-hiding and gracing us with what will hopefully be a warm, welcome summer.

Mums all over the land are urging their sprogs to turn off their consoles, slap on some SPF 15 and get into the great outdoors for some sun, fun and socialisation. However, finding activities that suit the whole family are easier said than done.

One pastime that’s often neglected, but will readily suit both little and large, is roller skating. It’s inclusive enough enough for most ages to pick up (so long as they’re fully mobile!) and provides a fast-paced hobby that even the mopiest of teenagers can’t help but enjoy.

Rollerskatesare available in a whole host of colours and styles to suit everyone’s personality, in reasonable price brackets so you don’t need to spend the earth when it comes to kitting everyone out. Boots can be totally retro, soft and comfy like trainers or big and tough for hard knocks… The possibilities are massive and you’re bound to find a perfect match!

If you find that constantly buying shoes for growing feet is a chore (don’t we all? Can’t they just eat less?!), many kids’ roller skateshave the added bonus of being size adjustable. So, you can buy with the confidence that you’ll get the most for your money.

If you’re not too keen on investing in roller skatesbefore you know if the kids will take to it, never fear. If you choose to go to an indoor rink, they should have plenty of skates for hire, so you can get rolling without the commitment. Once you’re strapped in and good to go, you can get involved in everything a rink has to offer (roller discos being a particular favourite – get your neon leg warmers on and throw some shapes, irrespective of your child’s embarrassment!).

If rinks aren’t your thing and you’d rather get out in the open, the wheels on adult and kids’rollerskatesare generally firm enough for both indoor and outdoor use. So, whether it be city pavements or beach boardwalks, getting a breath of fresh air while your legs have a work out is absolutely within reach.

Skate parks also provide a dose of extreme exhilaration, if you’re feeling brave. With ramps and rails to jump and grind, you’d better not be scared of bruises!

If you’re feeling a little competitive, getting involved in a roller derby or roller hockey team is another excellent way to enjoy life on eight wheels. With leagues open for both adults and kids, you can either get right into the action, or support from the sidelines. Just make sure that you’re fully prepped with knee, elbow and wrist guards, as well as a helmet… Falls can be nasty, and nobody wants to spend their summer in a plaster cast!
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2 thoughts on “Guest Post – Family Benefits of Roller Skating

  1. Susan Mann says:

    ooh I loved roller skating when I was young. Must take the boys x

  2. Mark Bresnan says:

    Roller-skating is actually a wonderful way to get in your daily exercise without having to hit the gym.

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