Smart Trike Dream 4 in 1 Trike with Touch Steering Review

The lovely people at Smart Trike recently asked if we would like to try one of their new trikes with Erin.  Having never used one of Smart Trike’s trikes before I jumped at the chance.  A few days later a courier brought an exciting delivery, The Smart Trike Dream 4 in 1 Trike.

All four children were quickly crowded around the boxing to see what was inside.  Trystan quickly realised it was for Erin as it was ‘pink and pink is for girls’ he told me in a matter of fact way.  I explained to the boys that I would have a read of the instructions before I put the trike together as I wanted to make sure it was put together correctly.  Trystan promptly told me it looked simple and I wouldn’t need the instructions! typical of Trystan as he is always so eagar to use new things.  I explained it was important to make sure something like a trike was put together properly to ensure that Erin would not be hurt in any way when using it.  He begrudgingly agreed he didn’t want his sister hurt and went back to his toys.  
So once the children were all occupied with one thing or another I took the opportunity to read through the instructions.  Then once I was happy I went back to the box and looked through the content, laying it out on the floor as I went.  Erin had by this time joined me and was watching me intently.  The instructions looked quite straight forward and were in the form of illustrations. So I decided to make a start. 

It took me about ten to fifteen minutes to put the trike together in it’s stage one form which is the right stage for Erin at present.  It was relatively easy to assemble with the only bit that needed a bit of force was locking the handle bars into place.   I like the fact that the parent handle is also adjustable in height as it means we can adjust it to suit either myself or dad of three using it to help Erin or even one of her brothers.  Erin had stayed close by the whole time and was really excited when the trike was ready, she couldn’t wait to try it out.  So I strapped her in and pushed her up and down the hall and around the playroom.  She was so excited and giggling away.  Trystan came to see what she was giggling at and was quick to ask if he could push her around for a bit. 
The trike felt really sturdy and when I was pushing Erin around the steering was so responsive.  I was very impressed as it did not need a lot of effort to make the trike turn in the direction you wanted it to go.  Erin loved the toy phone and was kicking her legs excitedly as Trystan pushed her around.  All we need now is the weather to settle down a bit so we can take Erin out on the trike for the first time.  
The Smart Trike Dream 4 in 1 trike with touch steering is available in six colours: Pink, green, red, purple, blue and black.  
The Smart Trike Dream features the following:
  • Dream “Touch Steering Parent Handle”
  • Dream Fashion Printed Parent Bag
  • Dream Footrest – Folded in position
  • Dream Footrest – Open position
  • Dream Front Wheel with built in suspension
  • Dream Full Metal Construction
  • Dream Handle Bar Clutch + Toy Phone and a bottle holder
  • Dream Parent Foot Break
  • Dream Patented Swivel wheel for enhanced steering control
  • Dream pull-out clutch for freewheeling
  • Dream Shock absorbing rubber wheels
  • Dream Sun Shade
  • Dream Tipping Basket
  • Dream Washable padded seat cover and safety bar
We will be using the Smart Trike Dream in it’s stage one form which is suitable from 10 months in which parents have full control of the steering.  Then once Erin reaches 18 months we will change the trike to it’s stage two form which sees the seat cover and sunshade being removed and your child being able to practise steering while their parent still has control for the direction your heading in.  Then from 24 months the trike changes into it’s stage 3 form where your child can start using the peddles while you still have control over the direction your going in.  Then finally from around 30 months to 36 months you can change the trike into it’s final form where you remove the parent handle and your child has full control of the trike. 
The Smart Trike Dream Touch Steering is available to buy from retailers including Argos, Amazon, Mothercare and Toys r Us and retails at around £99.99.  It is also available in more than 56 countries worldwide.  
Keep an eye out for further posts about the Smart Trike Dream as I will be updating you with our progress as Erin grows and we change the Smart Trike to suit her stage of development.
Disclaimer:  We were sent a Smart Trike Dream Touch Steering Trike for the purpose of this review.  The words and opinions expressed are 100% my own.  

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  1. How do you pull up clutch to lock handle bars?

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