A family night in with Dairy Milk

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Life is often hectic and at times chaotic, the boys seem to have better social life’s than myself and dad of 3.  Between working, the house and running the boys to and from after school activities and sports at weekends it is really nice to have family nights in together were we can relax and enjoy each others company.  Every few weeks we make the effect to get some treats and a DVD, board game or even just watch a TV programme together.  

Last week was half term and I had the week off work too.  I had provisional booked a few things to do with the children but when the weather was so bad at the beginning of the week we abandoned those plans.  The older two boys are no at that age when they don’t always want to go out and about every day where as the younger two need to be keep occupied.  So finding a balance isn’t always easy.  But last week all three boys were unanimous in the fact they wanted to stay at home, play with their toys, maybe bake and relax.  During term time I spend a large amount of time running here there and everywhere so actually it is really nice from time to time not to have to go anywhere.  We did go out on the Friday to visit the Urdd Eisteddfod that was being held nearby this year and it was a very enjoyable afternoon.  One of those where I enjoyed the boys company the whole time, no one whined, moaned or nagged and there was lots of smiles and laughter.  
So on Saturday dad of 3 and myself thought it would be really nice to have a family night, that evening.  I decided that I would pop to Tesco with Rowan after he had attended a birthday party and he could help me choose some treats for that evening.  Trystan and Rowan asked if they could have some coca cola as a treat and I agreed that if I remembered I would get them some.   

This is what I bought for our family night in

So late afternoon Rowan and I stopped at Tesco on our way home and picked up some treats for the evening and two DVDs for us to watch.  The boys are really enjoying Bugs Bunny and Yogi Bear cartoons at present so when Rowan and I spotted two DVDs of these on offer for £3 each I grabbed them.  I also picked up a bar of Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Jelly popping candy shells.  We’ve not tried this before and as it was on offer decided we would give it a go.  We also picked up some bags of sharing crisps, some coca cola and jammy dodgers.  So that we had a variety of treats.  The older boys were very excited when the saw all the treats and the DVDs. 

I love dairy milk chocolate and as the children have gotten to an age when we have introduced chocolate I have always started with offering them dairy milk buttons as I was as a child.  I use dairy milk products in my baking and as treats for both myself and the children, so it really is a brand that we have grown up with.  Erin has not long been introduced to chocolate and seems to have a sweet tooth! She was keen to see what chocolate I had brought home. 

What have you got mummy?

There are two Cadbury marvellous creations Dairy Milk bars available the Jelly Popping Candy Shells I picked up and Cookie Nut Crunch.   The boys thought the bars looked quite funny when I opened it, not the usual lines of chocolate that make sharing it easy.  But the boys were more interested in trying out this new creation. 
So after tea the boys got ready for bed and we put Bugs Bunny on to watch.  It’s lovely watching the boys enjoy cartoons that myself and dad of 3 did as children.  Watching and listening to the boys laughing at Bugs Bunny’s antics never fails to make me smile.  

The unusal moulding on the cadbury marvellous creations bar
Trystan was quite taken by the jelly popping candy chocolate but both dad of 3 and myself were weren’t as keen on it, the popping candy works well but the jelly shells not so much as we were concerned but the older boys were enjoying it.   

Erin was far more interested in the large bar of dairy milk I had and kept coming over to see if I had opened it and was quick to claim a piece once I did. 

I think I’ll help myself while no ones looking!

Erin even tried to help herself when I had left the bar unattended!  Luc was more interested in the crisps and was quite involved in the DVD.  While Trystan decided to sit next to me to make sure he didn’t miss out on any of the treats!. 


Erin’s main interest was the dairy milk chocolate and would come and ask for a piece then wonder over to her rocking chair to eat it and laughing whenever one of her brothers did. 

I think Erin enjoyed her dairy milk!

The boys only wanted to watch Bugs Bunny because they wanted to watch the last semi final of Britain’s got talent.  As we had told the boys they could decide what we watched that night we couldn’t really say no!  

Perfect snacking for relaxing with!
This was really the only time we had all sat down together as a family over the past week  and it was really nice to sit together and enjoy watching the DVD and then TV together.  Usually the boys go to bed by 8pm but as it was the last day of the holidays the next day they were allowed to stay up as a treat and I was also going to camp out in the garden with the older two and Erin in our new tent.  So we also wanted to keep them up until it was almost dark so they would fall asleep quickly in the tent.  

We hadn’t eaten all the large bar of Dairy Milk chocolate so I decided to put it away and they could have some more as a treat later in the week, I may even use it if I do some baking. 

The older boys chatted away once in the tent and said they had really enjoyed the treats and having a family night in. 

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  1. Erin looks like she enjoys the taste of chocolate. I hope you all enjoyed camping in the tent. I did this shop this week too and nearly shopped at the same store but had to go clothes shopping for Bug so went a little further afield.

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