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One of my favourite things to do both on my own and with the children is baking. I find it relaxing and love seeing my family enjoy eating my creations. I have very fond memories of being taught how to bake by both my mum and also my grandmother and now enjoy teaching my own children how to bake.
The one problem I do have is finding somewhere were I can buy all the baking products I need in one place. But a few weeks ago I discovered MakeBakewho do just that, they have everything from cake tins and moulds to carry cases and tools.
I have literally spent several hours looking through all the different products and getting ideas of what I can use them for. Dad of 3 has found it quite amusing listening to me saying things like “oh look they’ve got this, would you eat a cake with that on?” It’s so easy to get carried away looking at all the different things available. I’ve come across products I’ve not seen before like chocolate transfer sheets and decorating gels. The range of baking utensils is fantastic too and put my humble mixing bowl and whisk to shame!
Like most children the boys love licking the bowl when I have finished with it but lately Trystan has started really enjoying decorating the cakes with me. He has loved looking through the cake toppers, he’s found so many from peppa pig, to the union jack to animals. He even discovered real life image edible image strips. Make and Bake have a huge range of cake decorationsfrom sugar strands, sugar craft decorations to glitter and silk and sugar flowers.
I think I could get carried away buying different things I’ve seen, I may need a kitchen just for baking in! I think I’m going to have to create a list of things I want to try and work my way through them. I really like the idea of trying the chocolate transfer sheets, just add melted chocolate, leave to cool then peel. There’s so many designs from musical notes, flowers, cheetah spots, to snow flakes. I bet the end results would be fantastic and fun.
I’ve yet to try making cake pops but have seen that Make and Bake have some cake pop moulds available soon so I may just wait and give them a go. The products available range in price but there is something to suit everyone’s budget.
They also have chocolate making products and party supplies, so everything possible associated to cake making really. They cater for everyone from novice baker to professional baker. But to me baking is fun and enjoyable which is something the products at Make and Bake will help you achieve. The possibilities are endless and I’m looking forward to giving some a go and creating some fun cakes. 
This post is brought to you by Make and Bake however the content of the post is 100% my own. 

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