School Uniform from Trutex Review

Rowan recently started going to school part time in preparation for starting full time in September.  It was so hard to imagine him going off to school although it has been very obvious that he has been ready for the last six months.  For him school couldn’t come quick enough.  

As he is a bit smaller than his peers I knew that finding school uniform to fit him would prove a problem.  HIs older brothers had been in 2-3 years trousers when they started but even these were too big in the waist for Rowan and the smallest school jumper with school logo on is in age 3 to 4 is way to big.  We had to laugh about it but it really was a big problem as he needs to look tidy and have clothes that fit him.  

Then Trutex came to the rescue, getting in touch to ask if I would like to review some of their school uniform range.  I explained our problem and they explained that they did school uniforms in a age 2 and they would send some for us to try.  I provide Trutex with the colours of the school and waited for the uniform to arrive.  In the meantime poor Rowan was sent to school in the 2-3 trousers that kept falling down despite belts.  He didn’t seem too bothered and his teachers kept telling me how comical he is when they fall down! 

A week later the uniform arrived, we had been sent an Organic Fairtrade Cotton Poloshirt in red in age 2-3 year, Crew Neck Sweatshirt in navy in 2-3 years and Grey Junior Single Pleat Pull on Trousers in age 2.  

When Rowan saw the uniform he was very excited and was happy to try them on for me and proceeded to give me a little fashion show.  

He was so excited when he put the trousers on and they didn’t fall down when he walked or jumped around!  Having uniform that fits properly makes a big difference to my cheeky little boys, he now longer looks like he’s swamped by it! The following day he wore his new uniform to school and his teachers told him how smart he looked.  
I am very impressed by the quality of the uniform, it has now been washed several times and there is no colour fading or bobbling like you sometimes experience with uniform.   After line drying and tumble drying the trousers have continued to keep their fit and so has the polo shirt.  The trousers are hardwear which they need to be with Rowan as he is a typical little boy who likes playing on the floor and climbing every thing imaginable.  Rowan says he feels comfortable in the uniform which is also very important for children.  All in all we are very impressed and pleased with the Trutex uniform and I will be buying some more of the trousers as they are such a good fit. 
The poloshirts and sweatshirts are available in other colours other than those I choose and you You can find your nearest stockist of Trutex School Uniform here You can also find more of the Trutex school uniform range available too.  

Disclaimer: I was sent the Trutex School Uniform for the purpose of this review.  However the content of this post is 100% my own thoughts. 

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