QuinnyCasters Challenge 10 – Share your Urban Brands

This weeks challenge was to share our favourite brands, from big brands to boutique labels.   I’ve spent a few days thinking about my favourite ones.  I like quite a mix of brands and also quite like finding lovely little boutiques and having something that is different from everyone else.   But looking around my home I quickly realised there are a few brands that feature a lot or are something I buy at least once a week.  So it’s these that I have decided to share with you.
My first brand is something that is featuring quite heavily in our garden and is getting a lot of use at present thanks to this glorious weather we are experiencing.  This time of year I encourage the children to get outside as much as possible but this last week has seen even more time spent outdoors.  Since Luc was little we started using Little Tikes ride on toys and as we have added children to the family so our Little Tikes products have multiplied too! 
I love that Little Tikes have such a huge range of toys and they cater for my older children as well as my younger one.  They are toys that are built to last and withstand years of play.  Little Tikes has also found its way indoors too in the form of our toy kitchen!  I love the fact that both my own children and those I look after return time and time again to the Little Tikes toys and get so much enjoyment from them.  
Now I have to admit I have a bit of a sweet tooth but when it comes to chocolate by far my favourite brand has to be Cadbury’s and dairy milk and chocolate buttons are nearly always my indulgence of choice.  When we’ve introduced the children to chocolate we have always started with Cadbury’s chocolate buttons.  
My final favourite brand is another one that my children have grown up with and still features heavily in our home, Lego.  Both Lego Duplo and Lego can be found in pretty much most of the house even if it is that strategically placed brick left for me or dad of 3 to stand on in the dark!   
I grew up with Lego and Lego Duplo and have many fond memories of the house spent building various models.  I can’t tell you how excited I was when I was able to buy Luc his first box of duplo as a toddler.  It’s been pretty much down hill from there!  I love the fact Lego enables you to be so creative and you can spend hours both independently or working with someone to create so much.  
I’d love to hear what your favourite brands are?  Do you share the same as mine?

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