QuinnyCasters:Challenge 11 – Take a Trip around Town

This week’s challenge has been to choose a destination on the other side of town and take our little one there in their quinny moodd.  We then had to document our trip with photographs and write about the trip.
Trying to decide where to pick as my destination was only one issue for me this time, as we were going away for a few days at the weekend.  Another issue was when to make the trip as it’s been so so hot here in the last few weeks and being out in the sun for any length of time brings it’s own issues. 
I finally decided that a trip to our local “The Works” was called for in order to look for birthday gifts and thank you gifts for the boys teachers.  So on Sunday afternoon a couple of hours after we had returned from our weekend away, I decided to cease the opportunity and head into the town.   As soon as Trystan realised I was going out with Erin for a walk he wanted to come and as the other two were happy relaxing.  
It was still really hot so I put a sunshade on the quinny moodd just to give Erin some extra protection from the sun as the route we were taking had little shade.   I explained to Trystan what I had to do and we set off.  Here is our journey:
The journey into the town to our destination takes a good 25 minutes and sometimes longer if the town is very busy.  The majority of the route in is level ground or down hill so it’s relatively easy doing.  Thankfully being a Sunday and also the hot weather the town was almost deserted so we made good timing.  
After a wonder around our destination we decided we were so hot and bothered an ice cream was called for and headed back the way we had come to a shop selling ice cream.  Having got our ice creams we headed home, a different way just to vary the journey a bit.  This time the home bound journey was mainly uphill and level ground.  It also takes around 25 minutes to get home.  We often take this other route home to vary our surroundings.  The homeward journey is a relatively new road that has been built here and is still undergoing a lot of development.  We had to stray from the pavement a bit more on this leg of our trip due to very very narrow pavement, cars obstructing our right of way across stretches of pavement.  
Both Trystan and myself were so hot despite sunhats, water and the ice creams by the time we reached home again and almost an hour and a half after we had set off on our trip.  But we had enjoyed some quality time together the three of us. 

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