Do you know what your Maternity Rights are in the UK?

Finding out your pregnant is such an exciting time yet it can be filled with worry, especially when it comes to knowing your entitlements. 
When I was pregnant with my eldest,  I didn’t really know what rights I had when it came to employment.  I remember not knowing where to look for answers to things like, when should inform my employer I was pregnant.  Then I started to worry if I would be able to attend appointments and scansThankfully one of the admin workers in my team answered some of my questions and put my mind at ease.  She actually guessed I was pregnant having found me looking rather green one morning while the rest of the team were enjoying a weekly treat of bacon butties, I usually jumped at the chance to have one but the shear thought of bacon had me making excuses to leave the room for fresh air. I remember her asking me when we were alone a few days later if I was pregnant and I knew I could confide in her so confirmed her suspicions.  She told me that I didn’t have to tell our manager straight away and that I could wait until I had seen a midwife and was ready to.  It was reassuring to know I didn’t have to worry straight away about telling my manager I was pregnant.  
 Quality Solicitors has recently run a survey on maternity and women’s rights in work.  Some of the findings have surprised me but others I can relate too.   
39.1% felt that pregnancy is viewed negatively by employers
10.2% accepted a job knowing they were pregnant 
then of those
46..1% have had their employment terminated when they divulged they were pregnant
42% of women are concerned about taking Maternity Leave
(1000 women asked if they … before employment.  Figures taken from Quality Solicitors Maternity Rights survey)
The findings from the survey have been illustrated using an infographic which you can see here
It’s important to also know what your employers rights are to you while you are pregnant.  The infographic also highlights these for you to see and you can find them here along with the rest of the findings. 
Quality Solicitors have also created a really handy free downloadable guide for parents and employees on  maternity rights.  

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