It’s oh so quiet!

Since yesterday afternoon the house has been so quiet and I’m not sure I like it.   I’m just not used to quiet.  The reason for the quiet is that the older two boys have gone to stay with their grandmother for a few days, it’s their first stay without mummy and daddy and a big step for them.  Dad of 3 took them along with Rowan yesterday afternoon and stayed overnight, so it was only Erin and myself here last nightSuch a very strange experience if I’m honest.  
Erin knew something was a foot yesterday morning and followed dad of 3 around the house constantly, not letting him out of her sight.  She wasn’t best pleased about them all going off without her either when they left.  But quickly settled and pottered around with me as I cleaned, my thinking was get everything done while I could and then I could relax knowing it was all done and if Erin was unsettled later I wouldn’t have to worry.   We went down to my parents house for a few hours for our dinner which was nice and then made our way home.  
It was very strange coming home to a still quiet house, the cats must have known something was a miss too because Ria quickly came to the back door meowing and wanting a fuss, something she doesn’t do often.  Erin pottered around looking around the place as if she was looking for her brothers then settled to play with her wooden bricks for a bit.  We then went about our usual bedtime routine but instead of climbing into bed to settle Erin as I would usually do we came back downstairs and settled in front of the TV for a bit.  I decided it was best so that I wouldn’t be sat upstairs and wondering what every sound was.  Erin didn’t seem to phased by this change and settled for the night quickly.  
I wish I could say I had a good nights sleep like Erin did but I just couldn’t settle.  I even put the night light on in the boys bedroom as usual in the hope it would help.  After much tossing and turning I did drop off but woke a few times to the sound of load bangs in the garden ( this morning it looked like one of the ride on toys had blown over) it was all a bit unsettling.  Erin had an extremely good night’s sleep, she only woke once for a feed and slept so peacefully compared to the last few weeks when she’s been unsettled due to the heat and teething.  
Coming downstairs this morning was quite surreal, the older two are quite early risers and usually can be found downstairs already watching cartoons or reading.  So to come down to silence was very abnormal for this house.  Erin stood in the doorway and seemed a bit unsure but quickly went to find her toys while I made breakfast, another quiet experience!  now Erin and the little one I have today are napping and again the house is silent.  Can you guess what I’m doing? …. I still have cbeebies on in the background while I’m writing this! you can tell I’m just not used to this silence!
I actually was really looking forward to the silence initially after a difficult few weeks with Trystan in particular.  He’s been pushing the boundaries and behaving badly as a result, nothing myself or dad of 3 has helped ease or address the situation so his little break away was being looked forward to by all of us.  But now it has arrived I’m missing him and his brother terribly, I know that they will have a fantastic time with their grandmother and two uncles who live at home and I am very much hoping that the break will do us all good and that my polite, helpful son returns home to me all smiles instead of the pouting, sulky child we’ve had of late.  
However the silence is soon to be broken with the return of Rowan and Dad of 3 later today, it will be nice for him to have some time with just his sister, is daddy and myself too.  Although he will find it very strange without his brothers here for the next few days.  

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