Finding aids to help make daily life easier with UKS Mobility

Over the years I have worked in various capacities with Children and Adults with varying degrees of disability. Its something I have found very rewarding and hope to return to it at some stage. One of the things that I have always found frustrating is the lack of provision of both services and equipment for those with disability. In the case of equipment there are some really simple solutions that can help aid every day tasks but for some reason cost so much.
Something like these EasiEaters curved cutlery can make the world of difference to someone who has difficulty with hand eye coordination.  I have found a company that has a whole host of cutlery for disabled as well as so many other aids that would make such a difference to so many people. Helping them to gain independence in many cases.
Other tasks that most can do unaided including using the toilet can prove a huge task for some people with a disability. But the are disability toilet aids available that can make this so much easier for the individual. There are toilet frames available that provide rails to hold on to for support and even ones that have padded backs and ones that are adjustable like this one  You can even buy adapted toilet seats and hand rails.
With aids and equipment like these many daily tasks can be made easier and knowing that there is a company like UKS Mobility who can cater for a whole host of needs is reasurring.
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