Project 365 – week 2

 We’ve had a busy week here with returning to work and school and trying to get back into some sort of routine.  Here’s our week:

5th January – Today we took the last of the Christmas decorations down and took the opportunity to sort them out and pack them away in new boxes and bags to store in the attic.  Kitty took the opportunity to get involved and had great fun diving into bags full of tinsel.

6th January – We are trying to make more of an effort to use leftovers to cut down on food waste.  Tonight’s meal was pasta in tomato and basil sauce with bacon and left over chicken from Sunday dinner.

7th January – The boys returned to school yesterday and already they have started dumping their lunch bags and bags at the bottom of the stairs!

8th January – My Minnie Mouse ears arrived ready for my Team Honk costume but Erin took a shine to them and spent a good two hours wearing them and refusing to let me try them on!

9th January – Trystan has been developing a love for astronomy, he and his older brother were given a telescope for Christmas by their grandparents.  So when Trystan saw Stargazing live was on this week he wanted to watch.

10th January – This morning we had some sensory play using packing foam pellets, Lego Duplo dinosaurs, polar bears, bowls and jugs.  Erin and the little one I was looking after had great fun and even Kitty wanted to join in the fun.

11th January – One of my weaknesses is Coconut Ice, yum.  I treat myself to a bag every so often but today I decided to take the plunge and make my own.  I hadn’t made it since I was a child.  Although my layers were a bit uneven as was the shape, once cut up it was delicious, no more shop bought Coconut Ice for me!

So how was your week?

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