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This morning when I woke and opened the curtains I was greeted by some blue sky and the sun peeping out from behind a cloud.  I can’t tell you what a fantastic sight it was, after weeks of the school run being the only fresh air we could have, it looked like we may actually be able to venture out today.  
Yesterday I had requested my minded children come with wellies and a warm coat just in case we could get out for a short time.  So after mid morning snacks and the chores were completed.  Myself and five children donned our wellingtons and wrapped up warmly before climbing into the car for the short journey to Poppit.  As we made our way along the mouth of the estuary towards the beach we could see that the tide was out which meant we may be able to explore some rock pools.  The car park was filling up when we arrived just before 11 am, obviously we weren’t the only ones wanting to make the most of the weather.  
The look of delight on the younger children’s faces when we got onto the beach and they spotted the waves a distance off, was delightful.   There was quite a wind on the beach but despite this it wasn’t too cold.  We headed off in the direction of the rock pools where we could see a couple of people using metal detectors.  Intrigued the older three ran on ahead of myself and the younger two.  We stopped to inspect the twigs, seaweed and shells that were scattered along the beach.  
The boys found a large branch washed up and decided it was too good an opportunity to waste and set about climbing it and sitting on it!  The two youngest had their sights set firmly on the water and didn’t want to stop and watch the boys.  When we got over to the rock pools the water was too close to the end for us to walk around as I had hoped and there was quite a lot of slimy seaweed on the rocks themselves so we had to settle for the pools along the edge.  The older three were disappointed at not being able to climb the rocks but with the younger two with us it wouldn’t have been safe, so I promised next time we would when it was just us. 
The two men with the metal detector had started to head back along the beach towards the estuary and the holes that we had seen they were digging had more or less disappeared.  So after a quick look in the shallow pools revealed nothing apart from seaweed we headed towards the shoreline for the younger two to chase some waves.  Okay so we all chased the waves but that’s part of the fun with visiting the beach isn’t it. 
After twenty minutes of chasing waves and several pairs of soggy feet as a result! we started the walk back up the beach, the younger two really not happy about leaving the waters edge.  The boys ran around chasing each other trying to distract the younger two and then decided to play with their shadows.  Looking to see if they altered when they were on the wet sand to the dry sand.  It kept the younger two amused for a bit until they realised how far away the water was now and the tears began again! 
The car park had filled up a lot more when we got back to the car and a quick clock check revealed we’d had a good hour running around and enjoying the fresh air.  The younger two had done so well and had walked all the way despite the few pleads to be picked up.  Lunch was now required and as quickly as possible so once wellies were emptied of the obligatory sand we head back towards home.  I quickly realised the younger two were nodding off in the back of the car so the boys were tasked with singing nursery rhymes with them to keep them awake on the ten minute journey.
We have our fingers crossed for more dry weather over the next few days so we can get out and about again.  The boys are already trying to decided where we should go.  
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  1. Coombe Mill says:

    Hard to beat an hour on the beach with a car full of boys, easy fun entertainment you know they will love. Look at that gorgeous sky, yes please to more days like this.

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