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Trying to get four children to sit together in order to have their picture taken is no mean feet! but it was something I was determined to do a few weeks ago.  Believe it or not but apart from some sneakily captured photos on my mobile phone I don’t have any pictures of the four children together up anywhere in the house. 
So when I was asked by Canvas Design if I would like to review a canvas I ceased the opportunity to gather the children and attempt to get a photograph of them that captured their personalities as well as being a nice picture.  Getting the children to sit still was the first hurdle I had to over come and this took some doing and various snaps were taken.  Nearly all of which had at least one of the children blinking or pulling a silly face!  After two hours of trying on and off I abandoned the idea and went to get lunch on.  When dad of 3 returned home I told him how exasperated I was with the whole experience of getting a ‘nice’ photograph of the children.  Laughing he said I was trying too hard and that he would have a go after lunch.  
It took him a couple of attempts too but the children were so much more compliant with his requests for them to sit still and he actually managed to capture a lovely picture of them for me.  That evening I emailed over the chosen photograph to Canvas Design  and sat back and waited.  Three days later our canvas arrived, I couldn’t believe how quickly it had been completed.  Opening the well packed package I couldn’t wait to see the finish result.
Here it is:
I was absolutely thrilled with it, even Kitty had managed to get in on the action! That night I got dad of 3 to help hang the canvas on the wall for me, on the main wall in the toy room so that it is seen as soon as you walk into the room.  It looks right there and I can’t help but smile every time I see it.  The team at Canvas Design have done a fantastic job with the photograph I sent them and we couldn’t be happier with the finished result and now I finally have a picture of all four children on my wall.  The quality of the canvas itself is fantastic and is very well made.  
The lovely people at Canvas Design have also given me the opportunity to giveaway a canvas of any size, from 6 x 6 inches to 40 x 40 inches to one lucky follower.  The winner will have to send me over their chosen photograph to be turned into a canvas and the size they would like.  The image must be good quality at least 500kb.  
To be in with a chance of winning a Canvas of your choice all you have to do is complete the rafflecopter form below.
Good luck

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109 thoughts on “Canvas design review and giveaway

  1. maci234 says:

    a family photo

  2. hey great blog i would have a photo of the family or me my bro and sister or of my kitten 🙂 x

  3. Tammy Tudor says:

    i’d love a family holiday photo to remind us of the great memories and keep us looking forward to our next getaway 🙂

  4. Probably my dog, or one of many illustrations I’ve had done

    Chelle D x

  5. Amanda Walsh says:

    one from my holiday last year

  6. laura banks says:

    one of our holiday pictures as most of the time they just get stored on our pc

  7. lyn burgess says:

    a photo of my three wonderful little granddauighters

  8. lyn burgess says:

    forgot to say why, – because I don’t get to see them as often as I would like, as they live too far away

  9. Val Swift says:

    I would have one of my children together as we don’t have many pictures on the walls

  10. mellysocks says:

    A photo of the Acropolis in Athens as a memento of our lovely family holiday.

  11. McGlynn Kate says:

    a picture of my daughter x

  12. Emma Walters says:

    would love a pic of my gorgeous boys to brighten up our very bare walls 🙂

  13. A photo of my daughter Alice as I don’t have any of her yet

  14. headsy12 says:

    we have just taken a family photo tonight and I would use it

  15. caydensmum says:

    One of Cayden to lock in lasting memories

  16. JUlie Roo says:

    I would have the photo that was taken today, a extended family one. 14 of us!!

  17. Picture of our cat x

  18. Carolina says:

    The one of my kids, of course, because they look lovely together.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Elizabeth Briggs xxx

    A first family photo or save it for our wedding photos in April 🙂

  20. janetf says:

    A photo of my mum as I’d give it to my sister as she doesn’t have any

  21. I have some lovely pictures of my late houserabbit, and since it’s coming up to the anniversary of his death, it’d be lovely to have him immortalised on canvas

  22. Tina Holmes says:

    One of the kids, or I have a keep carm paint your nails poster I would like on one

  23. I have a lovely photo of my late mum that I’d love to have on a canvas.

  24. Broody Me says:

    I’d like it to be of a photo of my husband, me and our six children because we hardly have any of us all together.

  25. a photo of my youngest son and dad after he was born

  26. a pic from my holidays

  27. Chris says:

    What photograph would you like to turn into a Canvas and why?
    a family photo because they are everything to me

  28. clairew137 says:

    a photo of all 3 of us – me, hubby and son. It’s not often we get a photo of all 3 of us. Usually one of us is behind the camera.

  29. Gemma Clark says:

    one of our wedding photos as I have been meaning to do this for 4 years!

  30. Dani Graves says:

    a picture of my son as the Gruffalo as I think it would look great

  31. katrina walsh says:

    Id choose a group photo from our mad hatters themed engagement party. Everyone got dressed up in theme and we played themed games even tho most of us were adults. It was such a lovely night.

  32. Ruth Harwood says:

    I have the perfect pic of my son and I that I would use with the most amazing view in the background xx

  33. Sam Swain says:

    A photo of the kids on our skiing holiday last year because it was our first holiday in ages and we had an amazing time

  34. One of me and my boyfriend, as it’s our anniversary soon and I think it would be lovely present

  35. Jess McGlynn says:

    I have a really nice one of my two children that I would like printed 🙂

  36. A photo of my boyfriend and I in Spain

  37. A photo of my girlfriend and I at the seaside because I’ve been meaning to put it onto a canvas for ages!

  38. A photo of my beautiful grandaughter x

  39. A photo of my wife and children on holiday – it’s a memory I’d like to keep

  40. a pic of the family

  41. greigspencer says:

    pictures of my cats- they look so cute love to see them on the wall

  42. Karen Cowley says:

    I have a gorgeous picture of my two bunnies together , it would look amazing on a canvas, xx

  43. Sue Bowden says:

    A sunset in the Maldives while I was on honeymoon, it would remind me of the fantastic time that we had x

  44. sarah rees says:

    a photo of my 2 kids

  45. A photo of Cinderella castle in Walt Disney world my favourite place in the world

  46. alijohnson says:

    a picture of my kids when they were little – just because it makes me smile x

  47. Richard Hill says:

    our 2 rabbits on canvas would be great thanks for chance

  48. Lara Davis says:

    My son on his underwater swim because its such a fab picture

  49. Anonymous says:

    My son, so I can look at him everyday

  50. A photo of my niece, because she’s adorable.

  51. Foolishphil says:

    all my grandchildren in one photograph

  52. Anneka Hulse says:

    A picture of me and my fiance standing by the Sydney harbor bridge as visiting Australia was a dream come true and a memory i will treasure

  53. Northern Lights. Stunning colours.

  54. A photo of our daughter and our grandson

  55. A picture of my 2 daughters

  56. Big Bird says:

    A sunset picture because I think it would look lovely on my wall

  57. debbie godbolt says:

    a picture of my daughter son and baby grandson 🙂

  58. Scott Fallon says:

    A picture of my nephew

  59. Iona Cornish says:

    The North Beach at Findhorn. Because I have so many happy memories from there

  60. donna jones says:

    my mum because she is no longer herex

  61. one of me, my husband and the kids because we haven’t got a nice family picture together

  62. karen hutchinson says:

    one of my son and his dad

  63. KeithW says:

    A panoramic print of one of the amazing mountain-and-lake views that we saw recently during a trip to Chile

  64. 2013dogs says:

    One of my 5 Granddaughters who are aged 7 weeks to 9 years

  65. A smiley one of my children, I went minimal now it all looks a little bland so would love to liven it all up with a nice canvas

  66. emma says:

    a holiday photo for memories

  67. andrea lloyd says:

    photo of the children all togeather on our holiday to disneyland paris

  68. Laura Oxley says:

    Wedding picture 🙂

  69. Tracey Morton says:

    A photo of my family and myself together on top of Cat Bells in the Lake district. It was the only sunny day on our holiday and a kind man took picture of us all, a rare thing in our house as usually me or dad are holding the camera.

  70. Mary Fuller says:

    My dogs when they have just come in from playing in my very muddy back garden. They are filthy and look so happy it makes me smile every time I see it

  71. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    A Family Portrait to help me remember

  72. Jayne says:

    A recent one of my children, as I don’t have one.

  73. the kids building a snowman, its stunning

  74. Zoe R says:

    a picture of my boys in their school uniform

  75. Anonymous says:

    a lovely photo of my son

  76. sam says:

    I’d choose a picture of my little girl on holiday in wales last year, because she’s my pride & joy and the picture also show some lovely welsh countryside.

  77. Alice Colling says:

    My partner surfing, he was so proud he could stand up!

  78. Robert Price says:

    My Grandson because he always makes me smile

  79. I have a great family of all the family together from last summer that would make a great present for my Mum!

  80. zeenie says:

    id use a photo of my son with the dog becuase its so cute

  81. One of our wedding pics as they hold such happy memories and always bring a smile to my face 🙂
    great prize – thank you

  82. pauline black says:

    A picture of my 2 year old grandson sitting with our jack russel 🙂

  83. A picture of my 3 Nephews & 1 Niece 🙂 x

  84. kim heeps says:

    a photo of my dad so my sons can have added inspiration in their life

  85. Erica Price says:

    I have a pic of my son on the beach I visited as a child which I’d like to get made into a canvas as it combines our childhoods.

  86. A picture of my children at the beach because I never get round to getting prints of my images and it would be lovely to display in the house.

  87. KayeLaFaye says:

    My baby boy is just four days old and there were some complications so I would love a special picture of him and his big sister.

  88. Our Grandaughter in her school uniform on her 1st day at school, so cute. 1st day in the big world.

  89. My parents’ photo as i rarely see then so would like to have in a canvas

  90. Tracey Thompson says:

    love one of my grandchildren, I have very bare walls at the moment

  91. Gail Bennett says:

    I’d love to use a photo of one of our favourite places in Yorkshire … a reminder of happy times and happy memories 🙂

  92. Manda Louise says:

    A photo of me and Ray Quinn,been meaning to get it done for ages and never got round to it

  93. Anonymous says:

    A picture of me, my husband and son

  94. Rachel says:

    Its a photo of my dad that I have who sadly recently passed away with my children

  95. Lucy Mayer says:

    A photo from our honeymoon – in the midst of our chaos, we sometimes need to remind ourselves of that gloriously peaceful beach!

  96. My late cat who passed away after being part of our family for 15 years 😉

  97. Julia Plant says:

    A print of my baby daughter and her cute toes!

  98. A picture of my little boy

  99. A photo of my favourite band live as it would great next to my CD collection.

  100. cherie28 says:

    A photo of my boy’s & partner because i love them dearly 🙂

  101. TazzyMK says:

    I have a great shot of my boys that have ben wanting to get up on the wall.

  102. A lovely photo of my daughter 🙂

  103. a photo of my grandson daniel 4 wearing his tux

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