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After a bit of a mixed bag both weather wise and family wise I was so glad to see the weekend arrive.  We’ve a busy couple of weeks coming up too so I was determined to get a few jobs done and out of the way.  So Saturday was spent doing monotonous chores like the washing and ironing as well as taking things easy.  I had picked up some fruit bushes from our local Aldi on Friday night and wanted to make the time to plant them in amongst all the other little chores. 
Saturday although mostly dry was bitterly cold and overcast so I relented to staying in the house and getting on with things.  So when I woke this morning and the sun was shining I knew today was the day to plant the bushes and get the boys outside.  Although yesterday was nice and sort of relaxing the boys squabbled over silly things left right and centre so a dose of fresh air was called for.   
My dad has been away for a few days with work so this afternoon my mum asked if there was any chance I would be able to walk their dog for them as my dad would be back just as it was getting dark.  I told my mum that I would see what I could do but I had a lot to get through before I could.  Taking the dog for a walk would provide a good opportunity to get the boys out in the fresh air so I cracked on with my tasks.  By the time I had finished the majority of them it was time for dinner so I resigned myself to an early evening walk with the boys and my parents dog.  Over dinner I told the boys we were talking the dog for a walk.  I was immediately greeted by groans and ‘I don’t want to go’ from the older two but their dad quickly told them they needed to go out and gave them the option of tidying their bedrooms instead, I’ve not seen them move so quickly in a while!  
Realising it was almost 5pm I hurried the boys out into the car so we could collect the dog from my parents just down the road.  The boys quickly asked where we were going to go.  I told them we were going to head to Mwnt, a National Trust beach some three miles from us.  It’s been a few years since we where there last and Rowan was about a year old last time.  I love Mwnt it holds lots of memories for myself both from my childhood and also with dad of 3 as we were married at the little church over looking the cove and the boys were all christened there too.
The dog was really excited as we drove along the country lanes towards the coast and now and again whined in excitement.  As we pulled into the car park we could see there were a few people leaving and there was just two other cars there so the beach was quiet.  With wellies on we made our way down to the beach.  One of the memorable things about Mwnt is the steps leading down to the beach, going down is fine but coming back up is hard work!  The boys and the dog made quick work of the steps, anxious to get onto the beach, it was deserted apart from us.  The boys ran around exploring the stream that runs down to the sea and the little nooks in the rocks along the side of the cove.  
As we neared the shoreline we could see lots and lots of foam had been washed up, something I’ve not seen for a long time but it was quite rough out at sea and the waves had a lot of strength behind them.  Taking it in turns to hold the dogs lead we walked across the beach jumping the waves and the foam.  

As the boys explored the rock pools and played in the surf the sun began to set.  Ceasing the opportunity to snap the boys playing and laughing was lovely.  It made me remember one of the reason’s I love Mwnt, not only is the scenery outstanding but the cove is full of laughter from the families who have enjoyed it over the years.  

The boys asked why we hadn’t been for so long and I explained that in the Summer Mwnt is a very popular beach and it can get extremely busy.  I prefer Mwnt at this time of day or getting their before the crowds at 9am or earlier.  It really is a beach we should visit more often with the children and I promised we would go again in the next few weeks but we would take dad of 3 and Erin with us too.  
An hour had been spent having fun and exploring the beach which meant it was time to head for home and take the dog back to my parents on the way.  As we made our way back up the steps towards the toilets at the top we stopped and watched the sun dip out of sight below the headland.  

At the top of the slope we made our way along the road towards the little white church, there had been a wedding their yesterday and there were sighs pointing the way for guests along the route.  I explained we wouldn’t go in today as we had the dog but we would return and visit again soon.  The older two quickly remembered it was were they had been christened and said they would like to go in and look around again.  

It was funny home much lighter it was at the top of Mwnt when down on the beach the light was fading.  As I drove up the lanes heading towards home the boys watched the sun getting lower behind us.  I think next time a flask of hot chocolate and a rug would be nice to watch the sun setting on the beach. 
One happy dog returned home and when we returned we found Erin dozing on the sofa with dad of 3.  The boys excitedly told them about our walk and the sun setting.   I’m glad they enjoyed themselves despite their initial reluctance.  I love the fact that the lighter evenings mean we can get out and about more and the children burn off their energy, I hope they sleep tonight!

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  1. Coombe Mill says:

    A run out that everyone enjoyed! Lovely photos from your time on the beach exploring and having fun together. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  2. So did they sleep? I love beaches out of season and in the evening too (I am a failed sunbather!)

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