Project 365 – Week 9

This week has seen us enjoying the half term holidays, it’s been a mixed bag of days full of laughter, fun and a few tears.  Here’s our week:
Sunday 23rd February – The boys had been asking all afternoon for me to make some cakes for after dinner, so while dinner was cooking I knocked up two dozen chocolate butterfly cakes.  Needless to say they had all disappeared two days later!

Monday 24th February – The first day of the holidays and it was pouring with rain.  The boys busied themselves with Lego and while Erin napped I decided to tackle some house work.  Kitty was there like a shot every time I put something in the recycling sack.  She’s getting good at turning everything into a game!
Tuesday 25th February – Today we had six children here, thankfully it was a good day despite the weather.  Lots of crafting and den building were undertaken and I even managed to get all three younger children to nap at the same time!  Tonight’s dinner was lasagna and chips, very welcome after a very busy day.
Wednesday 26th February hurray a dry day!  Determined to get out myself and five children ventured down to a local beach for a stroll before lunch.  The tide had not long gone out so a vast part of the sand was wet.  I love this picture I took of Erin with the sky reflecting in the wet sand.  
Thursday 27th February – This evening while I was cooking dinner, Erin found herself a book to read.  Not wanting anyone to see her she stood it up on the sofa and knelled down to read it.  She looked very sweet but wasn’t best pleased with me when she realised I was watching her!
Friday 28th February – We’re going to stay at some cottages near by for the weekend and I’m really hoping we will get the chance to explore the countryside around us and use our wellies, fingers crossed.
Saturday 1st March –  Happy St David’s Day  
After a busy day exploring the facilities at the cottages we were staying at, the boys took the opportunity to relax and watch some TV before we headed out to a local pub for dinner.
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4 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 9

  1. Lasagne and chips is my secret pleasure – carb fest!!! Hope the weekend in a cottage is great – perfect ather today 🙂

  2. Jaime Oliver says:

    awww love the welly shot and also love the beach shot too xx

  3. I love picture 57! I love how the light captures the shadows and relection! #project365

  4. Cats always find the boxes, don’t they? Also love the welly shot 🙂

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