Eco-Button – A small change that saves energy

If there’s one thing that drives Dad of 3 mad it’s me leaving the computer on when I’m not using it, unlike me he tends to turn things off when not using them. I’ve tried explaining to him that I do it because it’s more convenient then having to power off and power up the computer to check my emails or write a blog post. I don’t have to wait five minutes (okay slight exaggeration) every time I want to use the computer. However this falls on deaf ears and Dad of 3 constantly reminds me of the energy I am wasting leaving the computer on and the cost of it.
So when I was asked if I would like to try an Eco-Button, PC Power Management Device by SSE I was keen as I know it will reduce the energy being wasted and appease Dad of 3. A couple of days later a small package arrived containing a narrow box with the Eco-Button I couldn’t believe that this small device could make a difference saving up to 135 kilos of carbon dioxide a year.
The Eco-Button is a small push button with a USB connected to it that then plugs directly into your computers USB port. Inside the box there are three easy steps to follow for using the Eco-Button.
1. Install the Eco-Button software by going to the website indicated on the box.
2. Plug the Eco-Button into your computers USB port
3. When you want to take a break from your computer you just push the button which then will power your computer down into the most energy efficient mode available.
When you’re ready to use your computer again all you need to do is hit any key on your keyboard and you are ready to go again. These simple steps help reduce energy consumption and in turn our carbon footprint. I’ve been using the eco-button for the last week and it really couldn’t be easier to use.

SSE is also giving away eco-buttons to encourage us to do little things to make our energy go further. To get your free Eco-Button all you need to do is sign up on SSE’s Facebook page here
Disclaimer – This post is sponsored by SSE however the content of the post is 100% my own.

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