Project 365 – week 15

This week has been a long week, the boys were still on a high after our trip to the Warner Bros Studio Tour and spending time with their cousins.  It was the last week of term too for the boys and it was really showing, they’ve all been snappy, tired and generally not wanted to do much including not wanting to get up in the mornings.  So when 2pm yesterday (Friday) arrived they were so relieved to be starting the Easter Holidays.  Here’s our week –
Sunday 6th April – 
After a fantastic week and knowing we had another busy week ahead I took some time to catch up with the weather forecast for this coming week. Over the years I have found that the forecast featured on Country file is the most reliable and I actually enjoy watching Country file too surprisingly.  It’s kind of a mark that the previous week is ending and a new one is arriving in a way in our house, a sign it’s bedtime on a Sunday night too for the children.  
Monday 7th April – 
I spent the day catching up on housework and preparing things for the next few days.  Erin was happy to spend some quiet time helping me off and on but also spent a lot of time playing with her Hello Kitty teddy that my aunt had knitted her for her birthday.  
 Tuesday 8th April – 
 We’re all loving the lighter evenings this week and the dry weather is a bonus.  Even the chickens are enjoying being out in the garden for longer in the day.
Wednesday 9th April – 

 This afternoon after school the older two boys built a rocket.  When they came to launch it in the gardens the chickens couldn’t resist coming and joining in the action.

Thursday 10th April – 

The last few afternoons I’ve noticed that Kitty has been looking for somewhere new to nap.  While the little ones were napping this afternoon I discovered she’d found her new spot in the corner next to the front door but also on top of dad of 3’s trainers and sleepers! maybe she misses him during the day!

Friday 11th April –

This morning during breakfast Rowan was talking about shapes and how you can make shapes.  After he finished his toast he made a triangle out of his crusts!  

Saturday 12th April – 

Grandma came to house sit for us this afternoon and brought easter eggs for the children.  They really weren’t impressed to be leaving them behind!

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10 thoughts on “Project 365 – week 15

  1. Kate Fever says:

    Loving the chickend getting in on the action, and what a fab toast triangle 🙂 #365

    1. Kate Fever says:

      Ha – chickens not chickend

  2. MamaMummyMum says:

    Love the triangle toast!! fab round up x

  3. SarahMummy says:

    Bless the cat asleep on the trainers!

  4. Leanne Rain says:

    WOW how fab does that rocket look?! Great photos 🙂 x

  5. Jaime Oliver says:

    learning and breakfast all rolled into one #perfect ! 😉

  6. So funny the chickens checking out the rocket!

  7. Sara Murray says:

    Love the rocket, and the chickens having a look 🙂 The cat asleep on the trainers made me smile x

  8. Hope the chickens got out of the way in time!

  9. Nikki Thomas says:

    That knitted Hello Kitty is amazing!! That is a nice stash of eggs I’m not surprised they didn’t want to leave them behind

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