Review – Disney Infinity Phineas and Ferb Toy Box Pack

Over the last year the three boys have gradually become more interested in games consoles and computer games.  From quite a young age they have enjoyed watching dad of 3 playing games on the xbox 360 and as they have reached an age that they can play we have started adding suitable games to our collection.  
So when we learnt that Disney were to launch their very own interactive game last year I for one was very excited.  I love Disney so its no surprise that the boys and now Erin have been introduced to Disney from birth.  So when we were asked if we would like to try out the new Phineas and Ferb Toy Box pack for Disney Infinity a few weeks back I jumped at the chance.  I decided not to tell the boys as I knew I would have days of “has it arrived yet” and “when is it coming mummy!”  When the package arrived I left it on the table for the boys to find when they returned from school.  It was great timing and arrived the day before they broke up for Easter.  Disney also very kindly sent us the Disney Infinity starter pack for the xbox 360 so we could try it out with the toy box pack.  
The boys spent the evening asking to play but had to wait until dad of 3 returned from work to set up the base which you place the Disney Infinity Characters on to jump into the play sets. Finally after dinner Dad of 3 set up the base and they boys were able to get stuck in. Even Erin sat and watched the play sequence at the start of the game and then watched the boys take it in turns to explore the game.   It was interesting to watch the boys choose different characters.

As it was a school night we limited the boys to half an hour each and promised them they could play again the following afternoon when they finished school.  They chatted away excitedly about the game while they got ready for bed.  They seemed to have really enjoyed their first taste of Disney Infinity and were keen to play more.  The following afternoon as promised the boys were allowed to play again.  This time they knew what to expect and got on with trying to complete missions and attempting to solve puzzles in the Phineas and Ferb Toy Box.  
It is quite easy to spend several hours playing but we have always had a set time limit for each of the boys to play.  Although it can be difficult to stick to those times sometimes if they are not at a point that enables them to save.  Over the last fortnight Disney Infinity has become a firm favourite with the boys for playing when they have time on the xbox.  Rowan has needed a little help completing a few things but his brothers are pretty good at helping him out when he is stuck.  So far the boys have enjoyed playing in the play box mode and are yet to start creating their own worlds (toy box mode).  I like the fact Disney Infinity gives you the option to play in these two modes as it means that hopefully the boys will be able to use their imaginations and get creative as well as enjoy playing familiar adventures.  

The Phineas and Ferb Play set was released on April 4th 2014 and enables players to act as Agent P and embark on secret spy missions. “ Both character figures are accompanied by their own unique Adventures.  In the Phineas Adventure, players are set into a giant pinball machine and challenged to create a play field where they can destroy waves of oncoming robots.  In the Agent P adventure, players can participate in a top-down adventure with side-scrolling elements that pay homage to old school arcade games.
The Phineas and Ferb Toy Box Pack will also include two new power discs to give players’ Toy Boxes a makeover. The “Tri-State Area Terrain” Texture Set and the “Danville Sky” Sky Theme will provide players with well-known location backgrounds from the show, including the Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated building and a small waterslide park invented in one of the cartoon’s episodes.” (information taken from press release)
As the boys have thoroughly enjoyed Disney Infinity and the Phineas and Ferb pack, Agent P has become a favourite character to play with especially for Rowan and Luc.  Where are Trystan has much preferred to play as Phineas.  So far the boys have played independently while they get accustomed to the game but I am hoping they will play as a two player in the next few days and it will be interesting to see how they interact doing this.  
 Here’s a trailer for the Phineas and Ferb play set. 
There are several other Play Box sets available including – 
Toy Story, Lone Ranger, Cars, Frozen, Pirates of the Caribean, Wreck it Ralph.  Each Toy Box pack comes with Two figures and Two Skydome power discs.  Each play box pack enables you to enjoy and experience that story and characters.  Where you can embark on adventures and complete missions.  The Play Sets cost from approx £15 each.
You can also buy individual figures and this vary in price from around £10 each.  This also enable you to play as that character and also come with a Skydome power disc.  Then you can also buy blind packs of Skydome power discs from approx £2.99 a pack.  
Skydome power discs – the round ones are avatar upgrades (character) these can be anything from increased strength to giving you more currency and can be used both in play sets and in toy box mode.  Then the hexagonal ones are for the toy box mode only and can enhance your environment.   
Disney Infinity Starter Sets are available for Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U, PS3, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS.  This packs come complete with the game, Disney Infinity Base and three figures to get you started.  The retail for around £50.  
Disney Infinity is aimed at children aged 7 years plus Rowan at four and a half has so far managed to play with a little help from his brothers.  The older two at eight and nine and a half have managed to play without any assistance so far.  So I think it really depends on your child and how used to the console your playing on to be honest.  I hope they continue to enjoy Disney Infinity especially as we add figures and toy box packs to it which will help grow their experiences.  I’m also looking forward to seeing how they interact with the game in the toy box mode and the worlds they create.  I have even treated the boys and bought two new figures for them to play with, I wonder what adventures they will undertake next.

For more information on Disney Infinity please visit Disney Infinitys official website
Disclaimer  – We were sent a Disney Infinity starter pack and also the Phineas and Ferb Toy Box pack for the purpose of this post.  However the content of the post is 100% my own. 

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