Country Kids – An impromptu trip to the beach

This week we have seen an improvement in the weather and with it the temperature has climbed.  We’ve had a busy week with work, school and after school activities.  Yesterday morning we woke to another glorious day and I knew I would have to do something to stop the boys tempers fraying and burn off their energy at the same time.  But as I was working it would also have to be fairly close to home and something I could do with five children.  We’d visited the park with the little ones earlier in the week and the local one to us tends to fill up after school.  I considered a walk to the wildlife park but it would entail taking a double pushchair just in case the little ones tired and I didn’t fancy the idea of pushing it in the heat.  By mid morning I had decided I would risk a trip to the beach straight from school.  But it would have to be one I could access easily with the children and not too far from where I could park.  
Usually I would opt for Poppit but it gets so busy this time of year and it’s a good walk onto the beach crossing a minor road in process so that wouldn’t work.  After some thought I decided we would head to Aberporth beach.  It’s not a beach we’ve spent time on but when attending the recent St George’s day parade I realised what a lovely beach it was and perfect for taking children on my own if I could park directly above the beach.  
During afternoon nap I set about digging out buckets and spades and putting towels, a change of clothes for luc (the other two boys had p.e in school so they could wear their kit) plus snacks and drinks.  I’ve always got a picnic rug in the car as a just in case.  Then when it was time to set off on the school run I added the two bags to the car.  The boys had no idea what I was planning and as they climbed into the car I simply explained we were going out for a bit but would need to be home in time for my minded child being collected.  The three boys excitedly started to guess where we were off to as we set off.  The girls even told the it was the beach but the boys didn’t listen!  The looks on their faces as we drove into Aberporth was fantastic.  I couldn’t believe the car park was empty apart from two cars when we arrived.  I parked up, put my parking fee in the box and let luc change quickly as the other two boys were already in PE kit as I suspected they would be.  
Taking a bag each the older boys led the way through the car park to the path down to the beach.  As we made our way on to the beach I could see we pretty much had it to ourselves bar two men fishing off the rocks, a toddler and his gran and an elderly couple sat in the shade.  We made way on to the firmer sand and stopped to put the picnic rug down and remove shoes.  The tide was out and a good way off so the boys quickly started digging holes while I sat and enjoyed a drink and a snack with the two girls.  
We spent just under an hour enjoying the beach.  The children were all able to enjoy some freedom and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Erin was so funny following her brother’s and joining in where ever she could.  Rowan quickly located a shallow stream running down from just below the main road all the way down to the sea and wasted no time splashing in it.  
Sandcastles were built and knocked down, holes dug and legs buried along with all this a feeling of freedom and calmness fell over every one.  

Soon enough I realised it was time to head back to the car and reluctantly everyone helped to pack up.  Back at the car and full of sand the boys told me how much they had enjoyed the trip.  We had all enjoyed and I was amazed at how well behaved the boys had been.  I had had to call Rowan to come back into sight a few times and he really hadn’t wanted to leave but on the whole the impromptu trip had been a great success.  I felt relaxed and very proud of myself for managing a trip with five children under ten.  
Back home the children remained calm and enjoyed some TV until dinner.  Even my minded child’s parent commented on how quiet everyone was when she came to collect her little one.  I certainly still felt relaxed and happy!  Later talking to dad of 3 about the trip out and how well it had gone, I decided that maybe such trips were the way forward and not telling the boys until the last minute meant we all enjoyed far more than being told in advance.  So I will certainly be putting it to the test with a few more impromptu visits. 
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3 thoughts on “Country Kids – An impromptu trip to the beach

  1. It looks and sounds like you had so much fun. I wish we lived nearer the beach and could have impromptu trips.

  2. Coombe Mill says:

    What a lovely treat for them all! It sounds like they all had a fab time together, there is always plenty to keep the children entertained at the beach. Thanks for linking up and sharing their fun with Country Kids.

  3. pixiedusk says:

    This is my go to activity too when its sunny and I have a perky son! Never cease to entertain him. He can literally just go and sit and play in the sand for hours. I am also lucky (or not so lucky when its windy) to live near the sea. This looks like a fab day! Thanks for sharing photos of your fun trip! #countrykids

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