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We’ve had a relatively quiet weekend, I’ve tackled the mundane things like the housework and indulged in a spot of baking.  The boys had been asking for a BBQ and we had promised them one today.  However as the morning wore on it was evident the weather was changing and the threat of rain loomed.  So we decided to have our BBQ for lunch.  After a very enjoyable and filling lunch I felt the need to get out and have some fresh air while we had the chance.
So Luc and I decided to take my parents dog Charlie for a walk.  We only headed five minutes down the road to the mouth of the estuary to walk along the pebble beach.  Charlie was so excited when he got in the car and couldn’t wait to get on the beach.  Despite the sky being overcast it was actually quite warm when we set off.  
We made our way down onto the pebbles and along the edge of the beach as the tide was in.  It was lovely and peaceful and we only saw a hand full of people the whole time we were out.  The local Boat Club is next to the stretch of beach we were walking and although there are patches of sand it’s mainly a pebble beach.  The wind whipped through the masts of the boats in the boat yard, the tops of which were only just visible above the bank of sand.  As we made our way closer we realised one of the boats on the beach looked like it was in need of some repair.  Charlie was really interested in the boat and spent a good five minutes sniffing around it. 
Usually once we get level with the slip way with the boat club we turn around and head back but today I decided to carry on and head round the headland and onto another stretch of pebble beach which when the tide is out you can make your way all the way along the coast line until you are under the Cliff Hotel.  The coast line then heads inland slightly and around into the rest of Cardigan Bay.  I used to regularly walk this stretch as a teenager but it’s been many years since I last did.  Next to the Boat Club is a Caravan park which runs the length of this stretch of coast.  From here you can see across the estuary over to Poppit Sands and we could see that the Poppit was more or less deserted.  Luc commented that you could walk across from Patch were we were to Poppit.  But I explained it was deceiving and there are some dangerous rip tides along here and crossing shouldn’t be attempted.  
We passed a docking area for a local boat trip business and stopped to take in the views across the estuary and bay.  Even on an overcast day the views are stunning.  
The wind was starting to really pick up now so we decided to turn back.  Neither Luc or I were ready to head back to the car and as Charlie seemed happy I decided we would walk back to the main road and then along a stretch of the Coastal Path up to a look out point over looking the bay. 
The walk up to the look out point is all up hill and quite tough on little legs, but Charlie and Luc coped really well.  When we reached the look out point it was full of cars with their occupants taking in the views so we decided to turn around and head back to the car.  On the way down I noticed the lovely flowers in the hedgerow with their vibrant colours amongst the greenery of the hedge.  Taking photos of the flowers while keeping hold of Charlie was a bit tricky as he wanted to dive in and explore the hedges!   
As we walked back along the path the wind started blowing grit and sand into our eyes so we hurried back to the car as quickly as possible.  Back at the car we stopped to catch our breath before we headed back towards town and home.  Glancing at the clock on the dashboard I realised we had been out for over an hour.  Charlie sat on the seat looking quite happy and content having enjoyed his walk.  As we drove along Luc and I chatted, it was lovely to have some one on one time with him as it doesn’t happen often.  This afternoons walk made me realise we need to make more time for one to one time with the boys, especially for Luc as the eldest.  Maybe more walks like this are called for and we can explore more of the coastal path at the same time. 

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2 thoughts on “Country Kids – Blustery Bank holiday Walk

  1. Coombe Mill says:

    Those one on one times are indeed precious but so good for you both. With 6 myself I know how hard it is to make that time. Looks like a lovely stretch of coast path with plenty to see and do along the way. We have lots of that same bright yellow flower all over Bodmin Moor, it really is a vivid colour. Thank you for sharing your outing on Country Kids.

  2. pixiedusk says:

    I live near the beach too but our area is a bit touristy and there are lots of establishment at the beachfront. I like your area cuz the beachfront is green! =) #countrykids

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