Getting into the Big Match spirit for the FIFA World Cup

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With the FIFA World Cup fast approaching we decided to get in the football spirit and have a family night in at the weekend.  For the first time the older two boys have shown a real interest in watching football so we decided to seize the chance to spend time as a family.   Dad of 3 and myself had a discussion about how we could do this and decided a family night in would be a great way of getting in the football spirit ahead of the Big Game.     

The middle of last week I headed to our local Tesco to buy some bits and pieces to enjoy during our #CollectiveBias family night in.  Just inside the entrance to the store I spotted some FIFA World Cup sticker albums and noticed they were free, so I picked some up for the boys, thinking they would provide a good visual aid to the World Cup.  I also picked up a couple of packs of the stickers too.   
Dad of 3 and myself felt it was best to have some finger foods that we could enjoy during our family night so I headed for the chilled aisle to pick up some pizza and some pop corn chicken.  I also picked up some finger bread rolls as we planned to have hot dogs too.  I decided to walk up and down the aisle hoping for some inspiration as to what else to buy.  In the end I also picked up some plain fairy cakes in case I didn’t have time to bake myself.  I then headed to the crisp and biscuit aisle to pick up some crisps and then to look at the soft drinks. 

The soft drinks are located along the rear wall of the store in the far left hand corner if you stand facing the back of the store.  As I approached the area I could see there were some offers on various drinks.  Taking a closer look I could see that Coca-Cola 1.5litre four pack was on offer for £4, I could only see the Coca-Cola Zero available so decided we would try that one for a change and it was a great price so I decided to pick some up.  So now we had our snacks and drink I headed to the checkout to pay. 


That evening when dad of 3 returned from home I showed him what I had got and also told him I had ordered some plates and paper cups to help get the boys in the football mood.  Dad of 3 had also spotted that Soccer Aid was on, on Sunday and he thought it would be a great for our family night in.  

So on Sunday evening after the children had all been bathed we set about getting everything we needed ready.  The boys had seen the sticker albums the day before but knew they had to wait until we had our family night to have them.  The boys helped set the table and laid out the paper plates and cups that had arrived the day before while dad of 3 and myself prepared the food.  Once the table was ready I handed out the sticker albums and the packs of stickers for the boys to start looking at while they waited. 

The boys decided to wait until they had eaten their food before opening the stickers, which I thought was quite restrained of them.  Trystan quickly realised that there were spaces in the album where he could record the result of each match fixture.  

It didn’t take long to prepare the food and we were quickly able to join the children and enjoy our lovely family night in.  I had managed to find some fantastic football hot dogs and was eager to see how the children would react when they saw them. 

They proved a hit,  especially with Erin,  who ate three of the hot dogs!.  We also had pizza which went down equally as well.  It was really quite a humid evening so the finger foods proved a good choice.  The Coca-Cola Zero was also a hit with the children and it was nice to try a different Coca-Cola for a change.  

We then had some cheese ball crisps and some cup cakes which I decorated with World Cup flags and settled down to watch Soccer Aid.  

Trystan was especially interested in the World flags on the cakes and in the ad breaks we talked about the different countries and the boys started sticking their stickers in their albums.  

We spent a lovely three hours watching Soccer Aid and discussing the teams for the World Cup and looking through the sticker albums.  Rowan constantly asked dad of 3 who his favourite player was, to which dad of 3 replied “John Bishop” ( the comedian) However dad of 3 had to constantly point him out to Rowan when ever he had the ball. 

The boys excitement seems to have rubbed off on me as I have to say I’ve never really been interested in football but after our family night I feel really excited and am really looking forward to watching the fixtures with the boys and dad of 3.  Even Erin seemed to get caught up in the excitement and was happy to sit and watch the match with us so it really does look like we will be enjoying the FIFA World Cup as a family this summer.  

Why not join in the excitement of the FIFA World Cup and follow the hashtag #BigMatchPlanner over on twitter, 

4 thoughts on “Getting into the Big Match spirit for the FIFA World Cup

  1. Helen Neale says:

    We did Panini Stickers too – looks like yoy had a lot of fun, and there will be plenty more stickers over the next month, I’ll bet!

  2. Love the paper plates and the cake toppers. We’re so excited about the World Cup! It’s lovely to get the kids involved!

  3. Eileen Teo says:

    football hot dogs!!! what! that is such a great find!

  4. Claire Evans says:

    Lovely family night. I’m the same as you, not really into football but love the World Cup spirit! 🙂 x

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