Black and White Photography Project


black and white 5

This week’s Black and White Photograph was taken when while we were doing the Totstake over on Instagram earlier this week.  We went for a walk down near the local Boat Club along a small beach known as Patch.  It sits on the mouth of the estuary and the boys love to walk along watching all the boats.  The tide was in while we were there so there was only a tiny path to walk along and the clouds were rolling in and starting to look quite threatening.   

Why not pop over and have a look at the other great black and white photographs joining in Podcast’s Black and White Photography Project this week

3 thoughts on “Black and White Photography Project

  1. Jaime Oliver says:

    awww thats so beautiful it looks so calm x

  2. I like this, but I’m a sucker for a sea/water shot. Love the sky especially.

  3. That’s so beautiful, I used to live by the coast in Essex before we moved to Canada so seeing this has made me a little nostalgic this morning. Gorgeous shot

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