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WellVine launches free health Q&A service, connecting to you to real doctors for bespoke support

wellvine image 1Pregnancy and motherhood are some of life’s most rewarding experiences. From when you first discover you are pregnant, to holding your baby for the first time, to watching your children grow into little toddlers and adults – the journey is full of ups…and downs.

Some of the ‘downs’ are particularly related to health issues and concerns, for you, for your children and for the rest of your family. But finding easy, convenient expert help from qualified, experienced health professionals can be a difficult task. Women we spoke to described long waits for doctor’s appointments; the lack of expert support when needed; health professionals who often lack compassion and kindness; difficulty in finding time in busy schedules to even go to the doctor…and the list goes on. WellVine ( was built on a simple idea: Connecting people like you to vetted and experienced doctors online, giving you access to bespoke health support – anytime, anywhere. We are currently offering a free trial of the service on an invitation-only basis until 5th November 2014. We really connected with Rebecca and felt the readers of Mum of 3 Boys would value this service, so we wanted to invite you to visit to try it out for yourselves, for free!

The WellVine story = Our story

The WellVine concept came to life when our founder, Hina, now pregnant with her first baby found herself frustrated with the lack of ready access to expert pregnancy advice. She wanted access to real doctors and health experts – as and when she needed it. She heard similar stories from pregnant women and from mothers short on time and struggling with a number of health queries about themselves and their children. No, it’s not ok to wait three weeks for a GP appointment. Neither is it ok to rely on information found through online searches – often difficult to trust and often providing conflicting perspectives leaving you more confused than before. From the new mum like Sofia to the veteran mum like Joanne with three young children, they all told us that access to real experts – at their fingertips – would make their lives easier. So we launched WellVine. Read more about the WellVine story here.

How WellVine helps people like you

Stop googling. Start connecting to real experts! From pregnant women, to new mums like Sofia as well as experienced mothers like Joanne, we want to make access to personalised health support easier.
We are offering a free trial service until 5th November 2014. Visit

The WellVine expert network consists of experienced health professionals at your service. Our experts provide personalised responses to your health queries online at You can post your queries anonymously if you wish, or on our public forums. In either case, you are guaranteed to receive a bespoke response from a qualified health professional with the right expertise to support you.

We thoroughly vet our experts so you can have peace of mind. We have carefully selected our experts to help with a range of pregnancy and motherhood health needs. Our expert network includes:
Senior doctors: For general health queries about pregnancy, children and you
Nutritionists: For diet and nutrition advice for the whole family
Fitness trainers: For support on antenatal/postnatal fitness and beyond
Mental health experts: For emotional wellness of mothers and mothers-to-be
Read more about our experts here.
And remember, you are not alone in the marathon that is motherhood. Join our growing community of mothers on WellVine.

Common queries from women like yourselves – through all stages of motherhood…

 wellvine image 2Mum and toddler
Common health concerns – coughs, colds, infections and fevers?
Signs of serious illness?
Eating healthy and staying fit for mum?

wellvine image 3Young children

Bumps and falls with active youngsters?
Nutrition advice for growing bodies?

wellvine image 4Newborn baby and postpartum support

Baby vaccinations?
Development of baby?
Postnatal diet and fitness?

wellvine image 5Pregnancy health concerns
Pregnancy symptoms?
Eating healthy and staying fit?
Questions about trying to conceive?

How it works? Three easy steps:
1. Query: Submit your query (anonymously or publicly) at We will ask you a few simple questions so we can get back to you with a personalised response. It’s that simple, and takes just a few seconds.
2. Response: One of our experienced and vetted experts will review your query and provide a bespoke response to help you.
3. Meet: You can connect with others like yourselves within our growing online community. Find friends, share messages, photos and blogs. Access health news and updates. And ask as many other questions as you want!

So for Sofia and Joanne and all mothers like them, we hope we can help. WellVine – your trusted health partner for bespoke health support. Ask our experts. Free trial, open until 5th November 2014 at

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