Birthday wish list for a three year old

In just over a fortnight we will officially have a three-year old in the house, which can only mean one thing.  It’s time to choose birthday presents!  With the boys I more or less know what they like and now there getting older their quite vocal about what they want.  However the same can not be said about Erin.

Erin is slightly more difficult in the fact that she has some favourite characters at the moment but she does not necessarily like everything to do with the character.  Which makes it more pot luck when it comes to buying presents.  We didn’t do too badly when it came to Christmas gifts for her but there were two gifts that she would not go near until only a week or two ago!  She quite literally opened them and put them to one side.  But now she plays with them happily!

I know that Erin is a big Doc McStuffins fan and also loves Sofia the First and Hello Kitty along with Minnie Mouse, so I’ve plenty to choose from.  Here’s what I’ve found so far.

doc mcstuffins mobile clinicI know this Doc McStuffins Mobile Clinic would be a huge hit with Erin and I am pretty sure it would be the one thing she would choose herself if she was able too.

lambie hofI think this Lambie soft toy from Doc McStuffins is lovely and is one of the only characters Erin is currently missing.  I think she would be delighted to have this as a gift

minnie mouse vet setSince Christmas I’ve noticed Erin has started to enjoy interacting with her toys in a slightly different way than previously.  For example when playing doctors she now involves her toys instead of just me or her dad or brothers.  I think this Minnie Mouse Vet set would go down well with her. 

hello kitty shoe house

I love the look of this Hello Kitty Shoe House would be great.  I like the fact that it’s compact and Erin could take it with her anywhere she wanted.

sofia the first rucksackThis Sofia the First rucksack would go down a treat and with Erin starting school part-time after Easter I’m sure she would love taking this along with her each day. 

I think that each of these items would go down a treat with Erin so now I just have to be decided on two or three of them to actually get her.  I just can’t believe she’s going to be three!

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