Win a Ted Baker Women’s Casful Cascading Floral Waterfall Scarf in time for Mother’s Day with Boneclothing

Mother’s Day is just over a fortnight away and the lovely people at BoneClothing are offering the chance for one lucky reader to win a gorgeous Ted Baker Women’s Casful Cascading Floral Waterfall Scarf to give to your Mum. 

This gorgeous scarf is from Ted Bakers Spring Summer 2015 collection and would be the perfect addition to anyone’s Spring Summer Wardrobe. 

ted baker waterful scarfThe Casful Cascading Floral Waterfall Scarf is made from 100% Silk, measures – length 180cm by width 70cm and features a floral print.  This is a dry clean only item.  This lovely scarf cost £69 and is available to buy at Boneclothing here where you can also take a look at the rest of the Ted Baker Spring Summer 2015 collection.

If that wasn’t enough, I’ve also been given a special promotional code for my followers which will give you 10% off Ted Bakers Spring Summer 2015 Collection at Boneclothing.  Simply use the code TedBakerSS15 at the checkout.  Another great opportunity to buy your Mum something extra special for Mother’s Day. 

To be in with a chance to win this gorgeous Ted Baker Casful Cascading Floral Waterfall Scarf for your mum all you need to do is complete the rafflecopter form below.


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229 thoughts on “Win a Ted Baker Women’s Casful Cascading Floral Waterfall Scarf in time for Mother’s Day with Boneclothing

  1. Tracy Nixon says:

    I would love to visit York with my children and parents x

  2. Eva Vida says:

    I would like to watch rom coms with my daughter 🙂

  3. Michelle kay says:

    Beautiful scarf for mum and daughter

  4. elaine dale says:

    go out for a meal with all the family

  5. Maxine Owen says:

    I would like to treat my mum to a pamper day and a nice meal.

  6. kirsty webb says:

    Just love spending the day with my mum. Showing her how much i love her. Xx

  7. Pam Hubbard says:

    with all my grandchildren xx

  8. iain maciver says:

    a nice dinner with the family

  9. stephen says:

    taking my mum out to lunch at her favourite place

  10. Joanna ButlerSavage says:

    quietly preferably outdoors with a picnic

  11. Jessica Powell says:

    going out for dinner x

  12. Marie B says:

    Just a quiet happy day with my family

  13. Mary Chez says:

    Going out to dinner with the family

  14. Jayne T says:

    A day out with my hubby and kids.

  15. kerie says:

    A nice day with my family and being waited on hand and foot

  16. out for afternoon tea and cakes followed by gentle shopping trip

  17. Becca Staples says:

    I’m taking my mum out for a nice afternoon tea with prosecco 🙂

  18. A meal at our local with all the family.

  19. winnie says:

    a buffet with my mum

  20. Kirsty Fox says:

    A trip to the seaside and fish and chips on the pier!

  21. Rosie Dumper says:

    Walking on the beach – if the weather lets us

  22. charlotte qualter says:

    i would love to cook for my mum then gofor a nice country walk with her the littlies and the dog

  23. Well in my dreams I’d like a day where I dn’t cook or clean, perhaps even a lie in but I’ll settle for a homemade card from my girls x

  24. Quietly and without any unnecessary excitement.

  25. Lyn Choak says:

    A family day, with children and grandchildren.

  26. KATHY D says:

    a nice family day

  27. laura banks says:

    a nice meal and chillin

  28. Kaci Soderstrom says:

    Just at home remembering my mum

  29. Helen Hodgson says:

    I’d love to be treated for mothers day- a nice meal would be lovely!

  30. frances hopkins says:

    To go for a nice meal

  31. Sarah Archibald says:

    Ii’d love to have a little longer in bed, and a drawing made by my 3 year old 🙂

  32. Natalie Gillham says:

    my daughters are treating me to a pamper day 🙂

  33. Margaret Lee-Roberts says:

    A stunning gift for a stunningly great mother.

  34. Laura Love says:

    Relaxing at home

  35. jayne hall says:

    my mum passed away 15 years ago but im a mum

  36. sarah rees says:

    with my kids and mum to a meal

  37. Helen M says:

    Kisses, a hug, a homemade card and an afternoon of jumping in puddles with my small boy would be wonderful.

  38. Emma Minazza says:

    spending it with my mum

  39. laura stewart says:

    a day off work would be nice xx

  40. Doreen Mccarthy says:

    I would love to be taken out for a nice meal and a drink, after getting up in the morning to breakfast in bed, some lovely flowers and a bit of jewellery, wont happen like that, but I can dream x

  41. Lyla says:

    I’d love be able to celebrate my mum being fully recovered from her recent illness

  42. laura herrell says:

    Mum and I are off the see The Marigold Hotel 2 xx She is super excited xxxx I am Mum to 6 dogs…so I am hoping they might buy me something nice xxx

  43. Paula Barker says:

    With my son and daughter

  44. Natalie Rowlands says:

    A day with my parents because I miss them

  45. Loredana Spano says:

    treat my mom to a day at the spa with me and my sister

  46. Andy Kadir-Buxton says:

    A meal out with the family, some flowers, and watch a DVD. Relax.

  47. a meal with the family

  48. Rebecca Whitby says:

    Take the entire family out for a meal, so we can ALL relax and have fun. Plus, no washing up!

  49. valerie cooper says:

    i will be spending it with my children

  50. kim plant says:

    a nice big lie in x

  51. Kelly L says:

    I’m not sure be nice to so something together! 🙂

  52. Sue McCarthy says:

    I don’t have any kids so I’ll be on my own as usual

  53. Lucia Critchley says:

    go out for afternoon tea

  54. cheryl says:

    Spending some quality time with my own mum…preferably with cake involved somewhere

  55. MichelleD says:

    A meal with my Mum and my little girl!

  56. Karen Knox says:

    breakfast in bed

  57. Amanda Walsh says:

    HAving a nice meal out with my Mum

  58. Amber says:

    Take my mum and LO to afternoon tea x

  59. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    Breakfast in bed would be a great start to the day

  60. A Elansary says:

    With a trip to Kew Gardens

  61. Ms Suan Watts says:

    a meal with all the family cooked by someone else but me

  62. Becky y says:

    Surprising my mum with a trip to the ballet 🙂

  63. james rowlands says:

    A Family day all spent together

  64. EJ Dunn says:

    I’m hoping to see my mum but she may be going to see my other sisters

  65. Jemma Bond says:

    Take my Mum for cocktails and shopping!

  66. Karen Barrett says:

    A walk and family mel

  67. Jayne says:

    A quiet family meal

  68. Tammy Westrup says:

    A family day out would be lovely x

  69. Zoe G says:

    A nice meal out would be nice

  70. Nikki Stewart says:

    Just being in the company of my mum x

  71. Gemma Snell says:

    with my beautiful daughters

  72. Gemma Snell says:

    such a beautiful scarf, would love to win

  73. freya knudsen says:

    With my mum, doing whatever would make her happy 🙂

  74. YOLANDA DAVIS says:

    A family meal at a restaurant

  75. Michelle Banks says:

    my son is taking me to the cinema x

  76. Kelly glen says:

    I would cook a nice meal for my mum.

  77. Lois Eaton says:

    I would like a day out with my daughter and grandson.

  78. Ashleigh Allan says:

    Afternoon tea with my family!

  79. Julie Edwards says:

    I would love to spend the day being spoilt. Breakfast in bed, going out for a meal, chocolates, flowers, treats and quality time with my family.

  80. Suzanne says:

    A long walk then a relaxing family meal at home.

  81. Jennifer says:

    love to cook a family meal

  82. MIchelle Dennett says:

    Just to wake up to a big squishy cuddle and kiss from each of my 3 little boys 🙂

  83. Chilling, nice food, some wine, maybe read some comics 🙂

  84. Claire Nutman says:

    I want to put my feet up, relax and have a houseful of kids that get along for the day lol !

  85. claire blaney says:

    I would love just a relaxing day im not big on celebrating things so a relax would be the perfect present for me

  86. Breakfast in bed would be nice

  87. Tammy Tudor says:

    I’d like to relax with the family

  88. Kat Lucas says:

    I would love to go out for dinner with my family

  89. suzanne brzeski says:

    having mum over for a nice meal….im restricted to what im able to do as recovering from a car accident, so just time with mum is nice!

  90. daniel baugh says:

    i am taking my mother for afternoon tea at the venue where i got married

  91. emily omara says:

    will cook a meal

  92. Samantha Lancaster says:

    A nice meal and relax x

  93. Claire Jewiss says:

    We’ll be celebrating with a family meal including 3 generations of mothers 🙂

  94. Hekna says:

    with lots of cuddles from my 4 week old 🙂

  95. Lisa Auger says:

    With my husband and boys having a nice meal. (I’m getting my wish too!)

  96. Suzanne Cooke says:

    I like to spend it with my Mam and daughter. We usually go out for hot chocolate and cake

  97. Rhi says:

    I’m celebrating my first mother’s day as a mummy at home- hosting a roast dinner and afternoon tea for my mum! Fortunately, my fella will be the one cooking though 🙂

  98. shell ross says:

    my mums 90 and I just love to spoil her on mothers day she loves all the attention – well deserved

  99. Ann Paterson says:

    Nice family meal

  100. Jen Schofield says:

    A family day out

  101. Jo Jones says:

    I would like to spend the day with the family altogether

  102. caroline says:

    i think we’ll go out for a meal 🙂

  103. lyn says:

    I’d like a nice lunch out with my family or even better a spa day with girlfriends

  104. karen cronin says:

    I shall be thinking about my mum who unfortunately isn’t with us anymore and spending time with my daughter. x

  105. Isabella Wright says:

    All I need is my family and I’m more than happy xx

  106. Jane Lethbridge says:

    with my two lovely daughters and their partners and my beautiful twin grandchildren 🙂

  107. sharon mead says:

    just a nice roast at home xxx

  108. Sarah Griffiths says:

    Treating my mum to some new clothes to celebrate how much weight she’s lost, and to make her look even more amazing!

  109. Matthew Sinclair says:

    A lovely family meal with everyone together

  110. Karen laing says:

    I would love to go for lunch with my 92 year old mum,my daughter and my granddaughter,four generations together,just perfect

  111. Laura Asplin says:

    Having a sunday roast with the family

  112. clair downham says:

    a nice meal out and a lie in

  113. Jo m welsh says:

    I would just like to be with my family and have a nice meal

  114. nicola clarkson says:

    A day at the beach with the children

  115. Charlotte Ingham says:

    With a nice meal

  116. Julie Davies says:

    a nice meal out with my hubby and two lovely sons

  117. Leanne V Mckenna says:

    Having afternoon tea

  118. Amy Rennocks says:

    Not working!!! 🙂

  119. Jazz says:

    From the looks of the weather, building a snowman!

  120. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    A quiet day with a nice meal

  121. KIM GRIFFITHS says:

    spend it with my boys

  122. Jackie Chapman says:

    I would love to take my Mum to the beach so we can sit and look at the sea together whilst eating fish and chips. Her health isnt what it used to be. Its the little trips out like this that we once took for granted that she misses so much. This would be a real treat for her.

  123. lynn heath says:

    Being taken out for dinner, without me having to suggest it!

  124. jennifer thorpe says:

    breakfast in bed would be lovely 🙂

  125. maureen findley says:

    pub meal with family

  126. Corinne McCaig says:

    A spa day with mum would be glorious!

  127. Eva Appleby says:

    A nice Spa Treat

  128. Helen W says:

    spoiling my mam and then get spoiled by my son

  129. natalia s says:

    spa day for two would be ideal

  130. Tony Stacey says:

    A walk along the seafront then afternoon tea would be nice!

  131. Angela Turley says:

    Take my hubby, toddler & 6 week old out for ice cream (and seeing its Mother’s Day eat my newborns too & give him milk instead!)

  132. Celia West says:

    With my children and grandchildren

  133. donna l jones says:

    a nice meal with the children

  134. Christine Constable says:

    I’d like to cook my Mum a special meal

  135. Diana says:

    To have a lovely day out with my partner and our little girl 🙂

  136. Fiona says:

    a lie in will do me

  137. leanne weir says:

    go out for a meal with all the family

  138. Krzysia says:

    I’ll send my mum a card, flowers and we’ll have a good old chinwag on the phone (as she lives quite a distance away)

  139. Pauline Wilson says:

    I would like breakfast in bed, the housework done for me then out for a lovely lunch/tea

  140. Jennifer Toal says:

    I’m going for a meal with my daughter, my mum, my sister and her children

  141. kate kathurima says:

    I would like a nice day with my kids

  142. kirsty cooper says:

    My mum is a shopaholic so we shall spend the day shopping and having a nice lunch somewhere 🙂

  143. Stephanie Cummins says:

    I am doing a tea party at my house with my mum & daughters

  144. rose p says:

    In bed eating a hot! cooked breakfast with possibly hot tea

  145. elaine stokes says:

    i will be taking my mum out for a meal, then going to visit my gran together

  146. steph lovatt says:

    would love a lie in and breakfast in bed

  147. Paul Walsh says:

    I would like to take my mum out for a nice meal

  148. Kelly Hooper says:

    at home with my kids

  149. Helen Allan says:

    I would love to visit Oxford with my family and enjoy an afternoon tea before exploring.

  150. chirag p says:

    a nice meal out with he family

  151. pamela gossage says:

    Lazy day with a good lunch

  152. Charlotte C Brumpton says:

    Unfortunately I can’t spend mothers day with my mother, I’ll see her the week after though so I’ll cook her dinner and make her a favourite cake x

  153. Julie Ward says:

    A nice peaceful day with no annoying people around me. lol

  154. Lesley says:

    Visiting my mum for the day 🙂

  155. margaret whalley says:

    A nice afternoon tea and nice walk

  156. Helen G says:

    Enjoying a family lunch then a stroll along the beach….

  157. Carly M says:

    My mum lives in a different country so I’ll just have to give her a call!

  158. sarah says:

    i would love to spend it by taking my mum somewhere lovely to eat and just spend some time with her.

  159. Ene says:

    Go out for a meal with my mum! 🙂

  160. Sarah Parker says:

    breakfast in bed and chilled out day 🙂

  161. Vicki A Smith says:

    I’d love to take my mum out for the day and spoil her with lunch and shopping

  162. With a tea party with my children. We will have lots of fun making our own cakes.

  163. Helen says:

    Roast dinner. Bottle of wine.

  164. Andrew Hindley says:

    With my mother at her care home

  165. Katherine Coldicott says:

    Just a nice sunday lunch with my family.

  166. linda e woodhams says:

    i’d like to spend mothers day on a hot beach being wined and dined by a hot man while the kids behave themselves close by, i’d LIKE to, but its not going to happen

  167. Becky John says:

    We’re having an extended family lunch a bit like Christmas 🙂

  168. Susan Race says:

    A nice relaxing meal with my family! Life is always too hectic, it would be good to spend quality time together.

  169. Jenny Jones says:

    A meal with my mum and two boys and family 🙂

  170. Rachel Bell says:

    Meal with the family

  171. Kristina Bates says:

    I’d like to go to the beach with my kids, my mum and my grandma. Eat chips on the beach, play the arcades and have a giggle

  172. Alison says:

    Lying in and having breakfast made for me

  173. Meal out with my family x

  174. Carole Paton says:

    Having lunch with my son.

  175. Debbie preston says:

    Relaxing day with Sunday lunch cooked for me

  176. Miriam Pereira says:

    Spa day with my mum in the countryside

  177. sara says:

    Just spending time with my family

  178. I wish I could have all my family around me

  179. Kristy Brown says:

    I would be quite happy with a visit from the cleaning fairy

  180. Laura Walker says:

    My first baby is due any day now so to give birth on mothers day would be amazing

  181. Hannah Smith says:

    Staying at home..

    @smeethsaysfashn on twitter

  182. jen jackson says:

    a meal with my family

  183. Caroline H says:

    I’d love to take mum off on holiday but unfortunately we’re both too busy (mum more than me!).

  184. Wendy Smith says:

    With a bottle of wine and a nice meal I didn’t ‘t cook myself

  185. Cheryl says:

    A lie in with a book

  186. katie w says:

    I would love to visit my mum but cant afford the trip

  187. lindsey m says:

    Just some thoughtfulness.

  188. Tina Lawton says:

    I’d like to spend the who day with my mum and do whatever she wants to do <3

  189. ELZBIETA ZNYK says:

    she is far away, I will send her flowers and ring her,

  190. victoria c says:

    A lovely family meal

  191. Steph Meakin says:

    A nice dinner and then a little walk somewhere!

  192. Lauren Main says:

    Take my mum out for a meal

  193. Sarah Buckley says:

    I’m going to take my Mum for a lovely afternoon tea at a posh hotel 🙂

  194. Ellie Spider says:

    I’m giving my mum her gifts then going to my sisters to give her a gift from her 18 month old as shes a single mum and wont get anything otherwise 🙂

  195. Kirsty Woods says:

    With my mum and my children

  196. Annmarie jefferies says:

    Spending the day with my mum doing girly things

  197. Lesley says:

    Dinner with the family

  198. Caroline Blaza says:

    Have all the family round

  199. claire fawkner says:

    Waiting for my other half to tell me!

  200. Maureen Quinnell says:

    Have my children spoil me (highly unlikely!)

  201. Wendy Guy says:

    With all of my family.

  202. leighanne palfrey says:

    going out for a meal saturday , sunday …easy day 🙂

  203. Rennene Hartland says:

    Relaxing with the family

  204. denise s says:

    A nice sunny day in the garden followed by dinner with the family and Top Gear in the evening (!)

  205. Barbara Handley says:

    At home with my family.

  206. Lila Leonie Taylor says:

    I would like to go out for afternoon tea and cake x

  207. jo liddement says:

    Unfortunately my mum passed away years ago but being a mum to three young sons I would love to have a nice meal with them and for them to do the washing up 🙂

  208. karen Howden says:

    spending it with my own little family

  209. Helen Garner says:

    Would love the kids to surprise me

  210. Patricia Avery says:

    At hoome with the family 🙂

  211. Keelyann Chauntry says:

    I would love a spa day with my mum x

  212. Kim Styles says:

    breakfast in bed!!

  213. emma thackery says:

    a nice dinner out

  214. jon morris says:

    at home with the family

  215. Rebecca Nisbet says:

    iv been a mother now for 3 years and each mothers day something has happened, so iv never really had a proper mothers day, would love a day where im with my daughter, dinner cooked for me by the other half and my daughter( she loves cooking) drinks made for me, and just a really relaxing day!

  216. Rebecca Smith says:

    Gorgeous scarf would dazzle up any outfit love it!

  217. mrs sharron page says:

    I’d cook a nice roast dinner for my mum so she can put her feet up for the day.

  218. Susan Hoggett says:

    home with family

  219. Tracy Ashwin says:

    Treating my Mum to a nice meal out

  220. Sarah Lewis says:

    With a nice afternoon tea.

  221. gemma nisbet says:

    Hopefully my boy has something lovely planned!

  222. Cheryl Irvine says:

    Just spending the day with my daughter, some swimming in the morning, some good food and maybe a movie.

  223. Zoe Coen says:

    Having my dad cook and a quiet Sunday

  224. Kate Cass says:

    With my family, with my feet up, with no housework and with no plans just relaxing, peaceful, fun!

  225. Isabelle Smith says:

    chilling with family x x

  226. Laura Vitty says:

    Sunday lunch in a country pub and a long walk with the dogs… and mum of course 🙂

  227. Lyndsey Beckford says:

    I am going home to Scotland to spend it with my family 🙂

  228. Alisa Moore says:

    With the family

  229. Sarah Davies says:

    With my family at home.

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