Review: Schleich Toys – Batman vs The Joker Scenery pack

batmanvsjokerWe were recently sent this lovely Batman Vs The Joker scenery pack from Schleich Toys.  The boys are huge DC Comics fans so I knew this was going to be a hit with them.   The set arrived during half term so every one was at home when the postman arrived with the package.  Rowan was first to spot the set and Trystan was hot on his heals!

The boys couldn’t wait for me to open up the box and get the figures out.  Once I had we spent some time looking over the figures.   I personally was really impressed with the detail on both of the figures.  They were both really life-like.   The boys spent the afternoon playing with the two figures, adding other figures they already had.  It was nice to watch them using their imaginations.

When dad of 3 came home the boys showed him the figures, he’s also a DC Comics fan and already has a collection of figures.  Dad of 3 was also impressed with the quality and detail.  He was more inclined to use the figures as display figures but he could see why the boys were enjoying playing with them.  

batmanvsjoker1Batman vs The Joker scenery pack is part of a new range of DC Comics figures from Schleich.  They are aimed at children aged 3 years plus which I think is about right.  You can find out more about the set here This particular set retails at around £15.99.  I think this is a good price for something that can be used as a collectible and a toy. 

The boys have really enjoyed playing with the two figures and I’ve even been having a look at the other figures available in the range with the view to buy the boys some for their up coming birthdays and of course Christmas!.  I think it’s safe to say Batman vs The Joker has been a hit here! 

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