Finding the perfect blind for a VELUX window

When you have spent time decorating a room or revamping a room finding those finishing touches becomes just as important as choosing the right shade of paint.  One of those finishing touches is how do you dress your window.  It usually ends up being a choice between curtains or blinds but what happens when you have a VELUX window in the room your working on? 

My parents have a VELUX window in their attic room and more and more I am starting to see VELUX windows being used in homes and office spaces alike.  I remember when my parents first had theirs installed they didn’t really know how to dress it and in the end they left it without a blind as the room it was in was used as an office space at the time.  However a couple of years later they decided to turn it into their bedroom.  So the hunt was on to find a solution to make the room dark enough to sleep in.  Eventually they had to admit defeat and leave the window bare.

Fast forward twenty years and things have moved on quite a lot since my parents were initially looking for a solution.  They recently decided to try to find a solution again and I tried to help.  I quickly discovered that VELUX now have a large range of blinds designed to fit their windows. The VELUX Blinds range includes pleated blinds, blackout blinds, roller blinds and even venetian blinds.  I couldn’t actually believe how many different styles I managed to find.  Because the attic room is quite light room and I personally felt that a black out blind would be the best solution.

The next time I went to see my parents I told them what I had found and showed them the range of colours available.  My mum was quite impressed with what I showed her and it certainly gave her something to think about.  It also opened my eyes to the possible ways of dressing a VELUX window.  As it’s not a decision that affects me directly it is now up to my parents to decide which blind they would like to opt for and the colour of it but I am glad I was able to help with their search and can’t wait to see the outcome.

Disclaimer: This is a collabrative post however the content is 100% my own.

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