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This week we’ve been getting in the Christmas Spirit thanks to Orchard Toys and their Christmas Surprises game.  This lovely game is aimed at 3 to 6 year olds and is suitable for two to four players.  During the week I have been playing it with Erin and the little ones I look after.  It’s been great for the wet afternoons when the children haven’t wanted to get outside.

christmas surprises boxIn fact Christmas Surprises is actually two games which is great and adds to the festive fun.  One side of the game boards are for shape recognition and the other for colour recognition.   In the box you will get:

Four double-sided game boards

Christmas Present Playing Pieces

Coloured Bobble pieces

2 playing dice – one for each game

Game instructions

christmas surprises contents

Christmas Surprises Contents

christmas surprises boards

The double sided game boards

The first time we played it was last Sunday and just Erin and I played.  Erin wanted to play the side with Santa and his Sack of presents first so we laid out all the present pieces with the wrapping paper facing up.  Then with Erin going first as the youngest.  It took a couple of turns for Erin to realise that if she had already filled a space she had to wait until her next turn but once she realised that she really enjoyed playing and as soon as we had completed the boards she was excited to turn the presents over to reveal what Santa had sent.

After we had completed the first game Erin was keen to play the second game, by which time Rowan had joined us so the three of us played.  Although it was nice to play just two of us, having a third person meant that Erin and Rowan had to wait to take turns slightly longer and had to be more observant about the pieces they needed to complete their game boards.    There was lots of laughter and Erin and Rowan became quite competitive trying to be the first to fill their boards.    When finished both wanted to play again but it was time for dinner so I promised them we would play again soon.

christmas surprises gameSo yesterday when the weather wasn’t so good I decided to get Christmas Surprises out to play with Erin and the two children I was looking after.  It didn’t take long for them to pick up the rules and we enjoyed a fun forty minutes playing the games.    Christmas Surprises is a lovely game to play with children to learn about taking turns with and it didn’t take long for the children to master this.  All three children thoroughly enjoyed playing and I can see it becoming a firm favourite over the coming weeks. 

I am a big fan of Orchard Toys and have a cupboard full of their games and puzzles which are used almost daily.  I love their educational value and the fact that they also aid social skills in a fun way.  Christmas Surprises is a lovely addition to the Orchard Toys family and I’m sure will prove to be a big hit with everyone who plays it. 

Christmas Surprises retails at £9.50, I think this is great value for your money as you are actually getting two games in the box which extends learning and play.   Christmas Surprises  is available from all good stockists including Orchard Toys themselves.  You can find out more about the game here or even buy your own.   

Disclaimer:  We were kindly sent Christmas Surprises for the purpose of this post however the content is 100% my own. 

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  1. Joanna says:

    This game looks fab this would be great when Blake is older to play during December and the lead up to Christmas.

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