What would be on your technology wish list?

Every now and again dad of 3 and I will sit down and have chat about things that we would like to buy either for the house, the family or ourselves.  Our recent discussion have come about after we had bought a lottery ticket for a recent roll over draw.  I’m sure we’re not alone in having a light-hearted chat about what you would spend the money on if you won!  Last time we had a similar discussion we talked about family holidays and came up with a list of destinations we would like to visit.  But this time our attention was drawn to technology devices as there a few items that we would both love if we could afford them.

For me I came up with a few items that would help me with my work and blogging.  Something that goes hand in hand with blogging is photography and I have discovered certainly discovered a love of photography over the last few years.  I love the way I can capture a moment in time and then share it with who ever I like.  I’ve taken part in photography memes via blogging and hope to continue doing so.  But at present I use my mobile phone to capture my photos which isn’t a bad thing but I would love a proper camera, one that would enable me to develop further. Something like this fab Panasonic Lumix DSLM camera is something that I would love to own.  It would not only enable me to take photographs but also shoot films so I could work on my vlogging skills further too. 


Then the next technology device I would like is a new printer with a better quality print and one that would enable me to print from either my laptop or mobile phone if I wanted too.  WiFi printing would make printing anything from photographs to documents so much easier as I would not have to physically plug-in the device.  At present if I want to print I have to set the printer up and then set my laptop up next to the printer and if I want to print from my mobile phone I have to email that photograph or document to myself so I can do this from the laptop, which makes it time-consuming.    A printer like this HP Envy 4524 All in one wireless inkjet printer would make the whole process faster and easier. 

hpenvyWhen I’m using my laptop I tend to be found sat on the sofa or even in bed working.  Currently I simply rest the laptop on my lap which isn’t fantastic and can get uncomfortable after a while.  So dad of 3 suggested it would be a good idea to get myself a laptop table, one that is adjustable and could be moved from place to place.  So I’ve been having a look around at some different options.  I came across this H&S portable adjustable laptop table.  It would certainly make working on my laptop more comfortable.

Okay it I may not have gone for the most expensive items but to me its the quality and it’s purpose which are more important to me, I guess I’m being practical about it too .  While Dad of 3 would love a new computer and an iMac is currently his top choice.  Along with a new Dolby Surround Sound System for the living room.  What would be on your technology wish list?

Disclaimer:  This is a collaborative post however the content is 100% my own.

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