Mums want Phone calls not Flowers this Mothers Day

Two thirds of mums happy to get a digital message rather than a card or flowers this Mother’s Day Mums now spend 14 hours a week on their smartphone keeping in touch with the family Most popular app families use to stay in touch revealed

3rd March 2016: As a nation of smartphone addicts, we’re often criticised for spending too much time staring at our screens, but our devices are actually helping us to celebrate Mother’s Day – and mum doesn’t mind.

According to a new TalkTalk Mobile study into the ways families stay in touch, 66 per cent of mums with children aged over 18 years would be happy to have a video call or message from their child rather than a card this Mothering Sunday.

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Busy lives, large extended families and distance mean only 53 per cent of mums will spend the day together with their child. Instead, 43 per cent of UK mums expect to receive a text or WhatsApp message from their child and nine per cent anticipate a video call, through the likes of Skype or FaceTime.

Traditional ways of showing our appreciation have fallen in popularity as only 52 per cent of UK mums don’t think they’ll receive a Mother’s Day card and 63 per cent don’t think they’ll receive a present. However, 19 per cent of mums say they prefer modern communications to cards and 76 per cent don’t mind if their child doesn’t send them a card this Mothering Sunday, as long as they have sent a message or call.

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 Appy Families

The advent of more affordable smartphones and plethora of apps mean families are using their mobiles more than ever to stay in touch. One in seven families now have a dedicated WhatsApp group and UK mums admit to spending on average 13 hours and 45 minutes a week on their smartphone communicating with just their family.

 Seeing pictures of their children and grandchildren is considered the top benefit (99 per cent), followed by being able to receive texts and messages from them (79 per cent), and being able to receive instant updates from family members (53 per cent). As a result, four out of five mums with grown-up children say they feel closer and more connected to their family.

 The top apps mums use to stay in touch with their children and grandchildren are:

 1. Text message

2. Facebook Messenger

3. Video chat e.g. Skype, FaceTime

4. WhatsApp

5. Twitter

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One mum who’s been encouraged to take to technology by her grown-up children is singer and TV presenter, Cheryl Baker. 

“My twin girls are always on their phones and the only way I could keep up with what they’re up to was to get tech savvy,” said Cheryl. “I’m often away touring, which means we spend quite a lot of time apart but because the girls are never far form their mobile, we’re constantly in touch. I probably speak to them more now than ever.“

Dan Meader from TalkTalk Mobile commented: “Technology will never replace spending quality time together as a family, especially on Mother’s Day. But as the research shows, our mobiles are helping us feel closer to our loved ones. The message from modern mums is clear – it’s the thought that counts, not the way it’s delivered.”

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  1. Jo says:

    Hi, just popping over from the SoFab hub to say hello! I totally agree with this post, I would much rather hear from my kids or see them on the day than get some present or card and no nice messages!

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