How much do you know about cruise holidays? Would you go on one?

Have you ever been on a Cruise or thought about going on one?  Did you know there are different sorts of cruise holidays?  I’ve never been on a cruise but I know a few people who have.  To be honest it’s not something I’ve ever considered doing either.

Up until now I had made many assumptions about Cruises.  I’m sure I’m not alone in doing that so why not take a look at the infographic below which helps clear up the assumptions we’ve been making.



So now you know that cruises can vary from a four-day mini cruise to a four-month world tour.  That Cruises are not just for the elderly but that people of all ages go on cruise holidays.   Since reading the infographic I’ve been seeing lots of advertisements for cruise holidays, isn’t it funny how that happens!  Anyway now I understand a bit more about cruises it has actually made me consider the possibility of going on a cruise holiday as a family.   I like the idea of being able to travel between several countries in a short space of time and stopping in port each day to go and explore somewhere new.   I like the idea of trying different restaurants onboard every night and then watching the sun go down from one of the decks before enjoying some entertainment.  Then retiring to our cabin where we’d be lulled to sleep by the gentle roll of the waves.  When we wake up the following day been greeted with a new view and a new place to explore.  Sounds great doesn’t it.

I think dad of 3 would be interested in a Northern Europe cruise with a visit to the Winter Palace in St Petersburg.  I also think we would enjoy visiting Scandinavia and Russia too as they are places we’ve spoken about numerous times.   

I also feel more comfortable about taking the children on a cruise now too as I’ve learnt that there is childcare available onboard.  Plus with a variety of onboard entertainment there is plenty to keep everyone happy.  Also a cruise will be educational for not just children but also for adults with the opportunity to visit famous landmarks and historic cities.   

I’ve certainly been given food for thought now and would seriously consider booking a cruise if the opportunity arose.  If you would like more information about Cruise holidays or to even book your own, visit here

Disclaimer:  This is a collaborative post however the content is my own.

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