Review – Nocto the Bat with Battitude

Last week we were sent Nocto to play with and see what we thought.  I thought it would be perfect for Halloween so was interested to see just what he does.  Nocto is a light up bat who interacts with you and has lots of Battitude!  When Nocto arrived last weekend the children were all very excited, they all wanted to be the first to try him out so in the end I had the first go!


I have to say I was quite impressed with how much he actually looked like a bat.  The first thing I did was take Nocto’s perch and find somewhere for him to hang from, I opted for a wall shelf as he it was just the right height.  I then switched him from ‘try me’ to ‘on’ so that he was ready to go and then hung him on his perch.   By this time the children had all gathered around along with Dad of 3 to watch Nocto in action.   I kept the instructions close by so that I could refer to them if I needed too which Trystan thought was funny but they came in handy until we got to grips with the way Nocto works. 


Nocto has six modes, Play, Game, protect, Flying. music and sleep.  Each of his modes are accessed by pressing and holding Nocto’s tummy button for 3 seconds.  After which his lights start flashing and you can scroll through his modes, when you reach the mode you want you then simply press his head to select it.  

In Play mode Nocto’s lights will be blue, if you move around in front of him you will trigger his sensors and he will laugh, talk and play.  But if his lights turn red, you’ve upset him so becareful what you do!  The boys enjoy play mode and like watching him laughing and playing.  The other mode the children like is Game mode.  Nocto’s lights will be purple in this mode.  He has four games for you to play with him, Ask Nocto where you can ask him any question and he will reply yes or no or even maybe.  For this game you need to press his tummy then ask your question, Nocto will then think about your question and will respond, his eyes will flash with a tick for yes, a cross for no and question marks for maybe.  To ask another question simply press his tummy again.   The boys spend ages asking Nocto all sorts of questions and waiting for his answer.  Another game Nocto will play is Fruit Bat Fruit Machine where you have match the symbols in Nocto’s eyes.  This is one game we haven’t tried yet but I’m sure it won’t be long until we do.  Rock, Paper, Scissors is another game you can play, press his tummy and he will make his choice then when his left eye has a question mark it’s your turn, scroll through the options using his tummy and when you’re ready press his head to make your selection.  The fourth game is snap, again we haven’t had the chance to try this game yet, for this game you press his tummy to start and the symbols in Nocto’s eyes will change, when you see a matching pair simply shout snap in time to win. 

In Protect Mode Nocto will a Red light, he will stand guard and protect your room for you.  To activite his sensors you press his head and he will count down from 3 and his sensors will activiate.  If he senses as intruder he will sound an alarm.  This can be deactivated by pressing his head twice.  There is a chance that Nocto may fall asleep while he’s on guard though!  Rowan in particular likes this mode. 


Nocto also has a flight mode in which his light will be green.  Nocto loves to be flown around and do summersaults but be warned he may feel a bit sick or get tired if he does too many summersaults.  If he gets tired Nocto will also turn himself into game mode so he can rest.  So be careful not to overdo the flying.  In music mode Nocto’s lights witll be orange, you can play music to him and he will let you know if he likes it or not by giving it a rating out of 5.  Nocto can tune into his own music and likes to dance to it.  

Nocto’s final mode is his sleep mode.  In this mode his light will be white and he loves to sleep upside down on his purch.  Nocto loves his sleep so be careful not to upset him by prodding him and waking him up.  Unfortunately Rowan has done this a few times and has seen Nocto get angry. 

When Nocto has not been played with he has been left to hang around the house!  The boys favourite place to put him to sleep is in the sitting room behind the door where they can watch him and get to him easily to play with him.  Over the last week we have all had lots of fun with Nocto and I’m sure that will continue.

Nocto costs £49.99 and is available from all good retailers.  Yes it’s a bit pricey but actually I think is quite reasonable for what he does, Nocto has brought a lot of fun and enjoyment to our house and I know that everyone will continue enjoying having Nocto here.

Disclaimer:  We were sent Nocto for the purpose of this post however the content is 100% my own.

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