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As Erin is getting older she is starting to copy things that I do more and more.  Like wanting to play with my makeup, paint her nails, all things that little girls like to discover and do.  However sometimes being able to copy me isn’t that easy! One thing Erin has watched me do and wanted to try is the way I wrap my hair up in a towel after a shower.  Now I can hear you say ” well why can’t she do it?” of course she can but getting a small towel to stay put on a wriggly five year old isn’t that easy and the towel ends up falling off after a minute of two.  So when the lovely people over at Cuddledry got in touch to tell me about their Cuddletwist bamboo hair towel, I jumped at the chance to try one out with Erin.

A couple of days later I received the CuddleTwist towel and left it out for Erin to see when she got home.  When she got back an hour later she quickly spotted the package and helped to open it, she was so excited when she saw it she wanted to immediately go and wash her hair so she could try it out!  With a little help of a biscuit I persuaded her to wait until after dinner. 

A bit later on after dinner we headed upstairs to run a bath with the aim of also washing Erin’s hair.  It’s a task that isn’t always easy if she isn’t in the mood!  But thankfully due to the arrival of the Cuddletwist towel she was very keen to have her hair washed that evening.   So after ten minutes playing in the bath I washed her hair.  It was probably the easiest experience I’ve had in a while with washing her hair.  Once done Erin turned to me and told me to fetch her special hair towel! I had been reading the easy to follow instructions while she played and it looked very easy to use.

The Cuddletwist hair towel when laid out looks like a hood with a long back to it, there is an elastic loop at the top of the hood which you use to secure the tail in once you have twisted it up.  I slipped the hood over Erin’s head and she insisted in holding it in place while I twisted the tail end up and secured it with the elastic loop.  Once done Erin wanted to look at herself in the mirror so I helped her out of the bath and stood her on the bathroom step so she could see in the mirror.  She was thrilled and turned to me and said “I look like you mummy when you’ve washed your hair!”  She looked so pleased with herself as we walked into the bedroom to get dried off.

Once she was dried and dressed, I helped her remove the Cuddletwist which was so easy, simply release the tail from the elastic loop and remove from


head.  I was surprised to see how dry Erin’s hair was, she has quite fine hair but usually it is very wet after washing but the Cuddletwist hair towel is made from natural bamboo fibre which makes it 60% more absorbent than a cotton towel.  So in the five minutes Erin had been wearing the towel it had absorbed a lot of the moisture from her hair.  It meant that drying her hair was also a quicker process than usual.   With hair dried Erin took the Cuddletwist towel and put it on her radiator to dry ready for the next time.

Since our first use of the Cuddletwist we have used it weekly and it has continued to make hair washing so much easier and stress free than before.  In fact Erin now asks to have her hair washed as apposed to trying to avoid it as much as she can!  She also loves the fact that she can have her wet hair up like mummy does after washing it.   The cuddletwist hair towel really has made hair washing and drying easy for us and I am very grateful to Cuddledry for giving us the opportunity to try it out and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to make hair washing easier with their child.   I’m told that this great product is also great for adults so I think I’ll be giving it a go myself.

The Cuddletwist bamboo hair towel costs £9.99 and is available in four colours, original white, pink candy stripe edge (the one we were sent) mint edging and also in blue/lime in the swim version of the cuddletwist hair towel.  I think their great value for money, they are designed for use with children aged 18 months plus.  If you would like to take a look or buy your own you can do so here 


Disclaimer:  We were sent a Cuddletwist bamboo hair towel for the purpose of this review however the content is 100% my own.

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