Nerf Bunkr Competition Pack

Over the last couple of years the boys have become big Nerf fans, they battle each other and even enjoy the odd Nerf fight at scouts or cubs. Even E has had to get in on the action! So when we were sent a Nerf Bunkr set by Hasbro I just knew how excited they would be.

The Nerf Bunkr Competition pack costs £39.99 and includes four obsticles, Tyre Stack, Wood Crete, Road Barrier and a Waste Barrel. They are easy to inflate and have 3 way valves. I like the fact they have a dip in the top designed to hold Nerf bullets so you needn’t worry about running out during a battle! The obsticles are also heavy duty which makes them great value for money and means they are great to use both indoors and outdoors.

The obsticles can be easily inflated using a pump or by yourself. We typically couldn’t find our pump so decided to try ourselves and were surprised at how quickly they inflated and how sturdy they were.

We decided to take them out into the garden to use as with us all at home working or home schooling there is not much room at the moment. Typically it was rainging when we wanted to head out so we waited for the shower to pass and made a dash for it. This proved the best move as E and L enjoyed a good half an hour battling it out. L said he really liked the fact he could move the obsticles if he wanted to, to provide cover in a different place. E liked the fact she could store bullets in the top of the obsticles. They certainly made Nerf battles more exciting. I can’t wait to see all four battling it out together, maybe dad of 3 and I will have to join in next time. I can also envisage once we are able to return to face to face scouting that the set will make the odd appearance during Nerf Battle nights at the Scout hut.

Also included in the Nerf Bunkr competition pack are these game cards which help develop your skills. I like this idea and I think they will add another level to your Nerf battles. They would he a good thing for both those new to Nerf and for experienced Nerf players.

You can buy your own Nerf Bunkr Compeition set here There are also additional lines available which include Take Cover single obsticles which cost £9.99, Battle Fort £19.99, Battle Stackers £19.99, Challenger Pack £29.99 and a Battle Switch costing £29.99.

Did you know the Nerf BUNKR inflatable obstacles in the Nerf Ultra Challenge with Chelsea FC and Arsenal football teams? Team players including Tammy Abraham, Mason Mount, Christian Pulisic from Chelsea and Edward Nketia, Bukayo Saka and Kieran Tierney from Arsenal have been battling it out on the pitch in the ultimate Nerf Battle featuring the Nerf BUNKR.  

We were kindly sent the Nerf Bunkr Compeition Pack by Hasbro.

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