Review – Foul Play Card Game, can you work out who did it?

Last week I was sent two copies of Foul Play card game to play with the family. Now I like a good murder mystery so was keen to try these out. We were sent Once Upon a Crime and The Manor House Murder editions. Both games contain two different games that you can play, Good Cop and Bad Cop. I mean Murder Mysteries don’t get better than that!

Aimed at 8+this fun card game will have you uncovering clues and tracking down suspects. You can also hijack your apponents along the way which adds the fun. E and I decided to have a game of The Manor House Murder. E wanted to play the Good Cop version of the game so that’s what we did. We took some time to familiarise ourselves with the game before playing and to read the rules of course. In the box you get 52 cards, these include the game overview, the rules of play and how you win at Good Cop and Bad Cop versions.

With the Good Cop version you begin with setting up the hidden identity of the murderer. You do this by using three sets of five cards. You select a card from each of the sets and then discard the remaining cards into the box as they are not needed. Then you place the selected three cards into the deck of cards and shuffle well. You then create the “Crime Scene” by placing 9 cards in a 3×3 grid face down. You then need to deal five cards to each player which are their “Case File”, then use the remainint to form the “Evidence Locker” then your ready to start the game. Each player (detective) either plays or disgards a card on their turn, actions are completed that either reveal, steal or trade cards with another detective or the “Crime Scene”. The aims is to identify which of the eight suspects is the murderer however to do this you need to see all three Evidence cards or fewer which means you will need to guess. Of course the revealing of the murderer has to be done in a dramatic fashion. Some of the actions will reduce the number of cards a player holds as well as from the “Crime Scence”. Detectives will be eliminated if they lose their “Case File”.

It did take E and I a while to get the hang of it but I think that was down to use initally misreading the instructions, opps. But with us on track we both really enjoyed the game and I managed to reveal the Murderer much to E’s disapproval! Even though you can play with just two players and it led to an enjoyable game I think playing with a few more would add to the fun.

We are yet to play the Bad Cop version of the game however from reading the rules. Basically to win you need to be holding all three evidence cards and the suspect in order to win. I think this may mean the game will take on a quicker pace and potentially be over quicker as you as essentially collecting cards. However if players are holding “Block Cards” they can be used to stop other detectives winning, the game could last longer. Hopefully we’ll get the opportuntiy to play the “Bad Cop” version over the weekend with dad of 3 and the boys. Foul Play is a perfect game to take with you on holidays due to it’s small size. It would also make a great edition to a games night.

Foul Play costs £8.95 which for two games is a brillant price. For more information or to buy a copy of Foul Play you can visit

Disclaimer: We were sent two copies of the game for the purpose of this review however the content is 100% my own.

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